Eight morals of onion for human body

Eight morals of onion for human body

Onion trace element selenium can reduce the incidence of cancer.

The average adult eats 50-80 grams of onions daily for its health-promoting effects. It is truly a “queen of vegetables”.

  The onion is also called onion. It has been used as a vegetable for more than 5000 years. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin C, carotene, niacin, prostaglandin A, diallyl disulfide and sulfur.Ingredients such as amino acids, among which sulfur amino acids have the effect of reducing blood lipids and blood pressure, and prostaglandin A has the function of dilating blood vessels, reducing blood viscosity, and preventing thrombosis.

  Eating onions every day found that the compounds contained in onions also prevented platelets from clotting and accelerated the dissolution of blood clots.

Therefore, when you take high stool food, it is best to pair it with a little onion, which will help to prevent blood clots caused by high stool food; so it is reasonable to say that steak is usually eaten with onion.

Onions are not only delicious but also nutritious.

In fact, onions are alkaline foods and contain sugar, inorganic salts, zinc, selenium (anticancer substances), phosphorus, sulfur and so on.

  Eating onions has the following harmful effects on the body: 1. The prostaglandin A contained is an alternative vasodilator, which can fight against the pressure-increasing substances such as catecholamines, promote the excretion of sodium salts, and have a blood pressure lowering effect;Fat metabolism, with lipid-lowering and anti-arteriosclerotic effects. If you consume 50-70 grams of onion per day, its lipid-lowering effect is stronger than taking the lipid-lowering drug Antumin; 3. Flavonoids contained in onions can reduce platelet viscosityEating onions often can prevent blood clots and reduce the probability of myocardial infarction and cerebral thrombosis. 4. Onions contain organic substances similar to the hypoglycemic drug mesosulfuron, which can significantly reduce blood sugar levels.Inhibit gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, colon cancer, prostate, etc .; 6. The volatile oils contained in onions can help, and the elderly often eat onions to improve the quality of sexual life; 7. Onions can increase bone density in experimental mice, and eat onions to prevent boneLoose; 8, onion vitamin C, nicotinic acid, they can promote the formation of interstitial cells and repair damaged cells, make the skin smooth, rosy and elastic, with a cosmetic effect.

Contains sulfur, vitamin E, etc., can prevent unsaturated fatty acids from producing lipofuscin pigments, and can prevent age spots.

In addition, onions contain antibacterial agents, anti-inflammatory substances, and eating onions can be used for enteritis and dysentery.