The natural lipid-lowering medicine was found, insisting on eating a little every day, blood lipids falling down


The natural “lipid-lowering medicine” was found, insisting on eating a little every day, blood lipids falling down

At present, the environment in which we live is superior, and the variety of food we eat is increasing, and it will become more and more refined.

The more aunts, the yield, the sugar, etc. in the food, the more likely it is to cause a slight increase in glycerol, which causes “high blood lipids” in the three high schools.

Hyperlipidemia is a common blood problem that can cause blood to become thick and cause other cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, if you want people to be healthy, your blood vessels must be protected.

The natural “lipid-lowering medicine” was discovered, insisting on eating a little every day, and the blood lipids are lowered. The leek and leek is one of the common wild vegetables on the table. The sitosterol extract in the leek can reduce the plasma and triglyceride content in the blood vessels.It removes a small amount of sediment on the blood vessel wall and dredges the blood vessels, thereby protecting the blood vessels.

And the carotene contained in leek, vitamins can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Soybeans, because soy and various soy products are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and a large amount of vitamin E, can help reduce blood plasma, and soy contains saponins, which can help reduce blood lipids when entering the body, and also haveThe role of weight loss.

Agaricus blazei is a natural wild edible fungus that can improve immunity and fight cancer.

The contained nucleic acid, linoleic acid and the like can inhibit the formation of lipid substances, prevent deposition on the blood vessel wall, remove blood waste, reduce blood concentration, prevent brain lesions, and arteriosclerosis.

Gardenia, scorpion seed linoleic acid, linseed oil, can resist atherosclerosis, prevent a variety of cardiovascular diseases, but also can remove harmful substances in the stomach, to avoid the occurrence of vascular blockage.

Buckwheat is a kind of whole grain, which can be put into a lot of noodles, or you can put in tea.

There is no doubt that the health benefits of buckwheat are widely known and experienced by everyone.

In particular, patients with hyperlipidemia take a cup daily, and even have a good blood lipid lowering effect for one week, and also have an auxiliary therapeutic effect on hypertension.

Grapes: Both grape juice and wine contain resveratrol, a natural substance that lowers cholesterol.

Animal experiments have also shown that it can lower cholesterol and inhibit platelet aggregation, so grapes are one of the best foods for hyperlipidemia.

Eggplant: He is the most common vegetable we usually have, but the flavonoids contained in the eggplant can help us soften the blood vessels. It has the title of 鈥渧ascular softener鈥? which can reduce the viscosity of the blood.Too oily.