Cheats to make yourself more beautiful


Cheats to make yourself more beautiful

When night falls, your body is asleep, your heart is asleep, and every cell in your skin has entered the most active state of the day, then this time is also the best time for skin care.

  A guide to getting better every night

A number-28 skin cells are a metabolic cycle about every 28 days. Its replacement is performed unknowingly. If you can help it metabolize daily, you can promote the regeneration of skin loose cells. Speaking of which, you shouldHave a better understanding of why cleaning must be done every night.


Adjustment-23 pm to 2 am According to the observation of scientists, 23 pm to 2 am is the highest peak of skin metabolism self-healing. If it can provide nutrients for skin regeneration and repair during this time, about 25It is very important for women over the age.


One possibility-long-lasting skin maintenance at night does not require too much complexity, but consistent implementation is the most important principle for achieving the best results. Basic maintenance before going to bed can make you see the difference in the mirror almost every morningYourself.

  Nourishment-Has your concept upgraded? When many people talk about “nourishment”, they just stop at the shrinking of “wait for wrinkles,” and no skin nourishment is a prescient “prevention is better than cure”.

Why don’t you like to use night cream with higher moisture?

The answer is nothing more than the following: I am afraid of being thick and hard to absorb, too lazy to rub, and feel that I am still young.

  In fact, “prevention before it happens” is most suitable for nourishment. This is also an increasing number of care brands that increasingly value 25?
The reason for the 35-year-old market.

  For nourishment at night, in addition to the night cream, there are three things that must be mentioned -1.

Eyes-Stories about eye gels, eye creams, and eye masks. For the appeal of eye problems, the efficacy of eye gels and eye creams is similar, but the viscosity of the gel is more refreshing and suitable for normal to oily skin.
Especially in the daytime, the eye gel will have no sense of burden on the eyes, and the main focus is to eliminate dark circles under the eyes and soothe the eye skin.

  Eye cream has a dense particle size, so in addition to reducing the problems of dark circles and bags under the eyes, it can also relatively improve the phenomenon of wrinkles and fine lines.

  According to the eye mask, it can be used the day before crying, staying up late causing dark circles, bags under the eyes and other special conditions suddenly appear, it can replenish moisture in a short time, eliminate fatigue, increase skin softness and elasticity, and quickly relieve eye puffinessAnd dark circles.


Whitening-Whitening is the right science If someone tells you that you need sunscreen all year round, then she is right; but if someone tells you that you need whitening all year round, then she really does n’t know about whitening or she isIntentionally give your beauty a set.

  Whitening products are definitely a perfect tool for those Asian women who have always regarded “white” as their appeal.

However, this process will replace the keratin of the skin. If it is continuously used, it will continue to regenerate the keratin of the skin, thereby hurting the original texture of the skin.

  In a year, spring and autumn are more suitable for whitening, and you just need to choose a suitable product and then run out of it within this season. In this season, there is no need to resetNew product.


Hydrating-will make the skin my old myth, the skin that lacks sleep, and the ability of cells to transfer water will be reduced. When the water inside the skin penetrates and the diffusion rate gradually slows down, the skin will evaporate and lose water on the surface,When the moisture cannot be provided in time, the phenomenon of lack of water and drying appears.

  The cells at night work even more lively than during the day. At this time, replenishing the cells with water can allow the deeper cells to regain water supply through the faster transmission between cells.

At the same time, LANCOME laboratory also found that if you can use the rapid spots of cell proliferation at night, improve the skin’s water retention function (slow the skin’s moisture diffusion rate), it will be very helpful for the soft and radiant skin.

  Hand protection-perfect sign language all night. During the day, your hands are in contact with the filth. At night, they deserve the best care.

  Choose a hand cream that works for you as an alternative to care for your skin-if you have been in an office or air-conditioned room for a long time, you should choose a hand cream that reduces the moisturizing factor.

This environment is usually dry, and coupled with computer radiation, a lot of moisture in the skin of the hands will be lost.

The hand cream with good hydration effect can make your hands replenish moisture at night.

  If you do housework often, your hands will come into contact with a lot of corrosive cleaners or disinfectants. At this time, hand cream containing natural fruit oil and vitamin E is more suitable.

This is because the acidic components in the hand cream can neutralize the alkaline components in the cleaning products remaining on the hands.

  If you have less chance to do it manually at work, a plant protein hand cream can prevent the discomfort of hand skin due to seasonal changes.