Love is nowhere to go

Love is nowhere to go

When she was sixteen, she dreamed of being Snow White, with angel-like beauty, smart and kind. On a starry night, she met a handsome prince and lived a heavenly life in the rose garden.

However, from childhood to age, people praised her word only by kindness.

If a girl is not as beautiful as flowers, then you can praise her cleverness. If she is not even clever, then you can praise her temperament. If she is unfortunate, she can only praise her kindness.So from the eyes of others, she knew her usual.

  At the age of 20, she was looking forward to being a Cinderella. Even though she did not have a distinguished background or an attractive appearance, her own prince had unique eyes and eyes-“Every woman in the world is charming, but I only love you.

“But at home.

The doorbell rang a thousand times, and no crystal shoe was welcomed.

So she knew that no matter how she cut her feet, ‘no one thought she was the girl who would put on those tiny crystal shoes.

  At the age of twenty-five she looks forward to an ordinary fate.

As Zhang Ailing said, among millions of people, in millions of years, there was no moment earlier or no later. They met each other and said quietly, “Oh, you are here, too.”

“But without bothering people to do it for thousands of years, it hasn’t lasted for thousands of years.

  At the age of thirty, she hoped that she was a drop of water and another drop of water. Even without the joy of Xiang Yue, there was compatible peace. In the tide of life, even if it was just lonely and lonely.

However, the spinning and changing life let her know that the most romantic thing in the world is to slowly grow old together.

The long journey made Xiangshou a persistence.

In an age where everything is fast-paced, the plain romance condensed in these years is also too expensive to afford.

  At the age of thirty-five, she imagined that she was a harbour. As long as a long-distance ship was willing to land, why should she care that it had sailed across the ocean to this shore.

As long as Uken gets tired, why bother thinking about which branch it once inhabited.

However, things change, and the promise of returning home.

Who can give to whom.

  She stopped dreaming in Forty Township.

Simply, be a confidant, don’t ask for a lifetime, don’t ask for a long time, and only wish to quietly accompany him for a cup of afternoon tea when it rains in his heart.

Occasionally, the night was quiet and when his thoughts flowed into his heart, Yiyi and Yiren had a heartbeat.

Love, is there a way back?