Don’t eat too much MSG if you want your baby to grow taller

Don’t eat too much MSG if you want your baby to grow taller

MSG is a commonly used cooking condiment. Adding MSG when cooking can both season and enhance brain function.

This is because sodium glutamate contained in MSG can break down glutamic acid during digestion.

  Glutamate decarboxylase with vitamin B6 as coenzyme in brain tissue can be changed to δ-aminobutyric acid. It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. Its insufficient production can easily cause excessive excitement of the central nervous system., Such as manic or twitching.

  Therefore, eating MSG in moderation is beneficial for maintaining the function of the nervous system.

  But eating too much MSG is also harmful to the human body.

Many people have the experience that they are prone to dizziness, brain swelling, numbness of the upper limbs, shortness of breath and shortness of breath after eating food. This is the so-called “drunk food”, which is basically too much grain in meat and monosodium glutamate.Amino acids are working.

  As mentioned above, after glutamate is absorbed into the brain through the gastrointestinal tract, it locally produces the inhibitory neurotransmitter δ-aminobutyric acid in the brain tissue, which regulates the normal function of the brain.Too much acid production, brain suppressive neurotransmitters have the upper hand, and various neural functions will be in a suppressed state.

  A US research team injected mice with excessive MSG and found that after the mice were injected with MSG, the retina and various parts of the central nervous system were damaged, their sexual performance was reduced, and excessive disease appeared.

Because the number of red blood cells and viscous leukocytes in bones is reduced, and the calcium salt enters the cytoplasm is damaged, which affects the synthesis of cells and hinders the growth of bones.

  Further research shows that if children consume too much MSG or sodium glutamate-containing food, too much δ-aminobutyric acid produced by the brain will inhibit the secretion of thyrotropin-releasing hormone and parathyroid hormone-releasing hormone from the hypothalamus.Secretion, resulting in reduced secretion of thyroxine and parathyroid hormone.

  The influence of insufficient thyroid hormone secretion on the growth and development of the human body is well known, and parathyroid hormone is the most important hormone regulating blood calcium and blood phosphorus. It can reduce the loss of calcium from urine and promote the intestine.The effect of the Tao on the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, once its secretion is insufficient, a large amount of calcium and phosphorus will be lost, and the growth and development of human bones will be hindered.

  Therefore, for growing children, in addition to paying attention to the amount of monosodium glutamate, to ensure that the amount of monosodium glutamate does not exceed 5 grams per day, and parents should take care of their mouths, do not often let them overeating or eating mountain and sea food.