Have a degree of intimate contact with a male girlfriend

Have a degree of intimate contact with a male girlfriend

Every woman’s life journey will have several close friends like sisters, called “girlfriends.”

However, with the increasing pressure of shifting competition, women in the workplace are no longer satisfied with finding the same sex.

So having a confidant of the opposite sex, an alternative “boyfriend”, has become a new fashion for many women in the workplace to decompress, talk, and become popular.

  Today’s reporter Miao Aijun[Workplace white-collar]”There is no male girlfriend, you are out!

“Do you have a close friend?”

Nothing to do!

“Last week, Xiao Qiao, a college classmate working in Shanghai, called and talked cheerfully about her latest workplace life.

  Xiao Qiao is a white-collar worker in a foreign company in Shanghai.

She said that female employees of their company have recently been looking for “boyfriends” like those in fashion soap operas.

“It can be used as a man when moving, and as a woman when talking.

When you are upset and unhappy, you can drag him to go shopping.

Xiao Qiao also said that finding a “boyfriend” has become the most fashionable way of decompression for some workplace MMs.

  [Expert analysis]Talking about helping women in the workplace to relieve stress “When work pressure is high, it is easy to change moods, anxiety and irritability, especially women in the workplace, for a long time, it is also easy to induce human diseases.

“Said Xu Peian, chief gynecologist and chief physician of Zhengzhou New Century Women’s Hospital.

  Experts from the Department of Psychological Counseling pointed out that in the modern workplace, professional women are working more and more extensively. Finding coping methods is beneficial to their own physical health.

  Experts from the Department of Psychological Counseling said: “From a psychological point of view, women attach more importance to understanding, communication and sharing in terms of values, so as to satisfy their inner satisfaction.

“So when women are under stress, talking to someone they trust can be very effective in alleviating stress.

  Regarding the fashionable way of stress relief for women in the workplace in search of “boyfriends”
, psychologists have analyzed: “Friends of the opposite sex are a type of normal interpersonal relationship. The popularity of boyfriends also reflects the increase in women ‘s trust in men.

Psychologists say that men think differently from women. Men are more able to analyze and think from a rational perspective. They have a stronger abstract ability. Heterosexual interactions can complement the lack of gender roles.

  [Reporter survey]Most women in the workplace look forward to “boyfriends” “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“” Would you like to find a boyfriend? ”

“” What kind of man do you like to be a male closet? ”

“A week ago, the reporter posted a questionnaire in today’s women’s health QQ group. 86 female netizens participated in the discussion and answered.

  Netizen “Jia + Jia” wrote that she was married as a mother, but from college to the present, she has had a very iron friend of the opposite sex. When she encounters difficulties, she can make suggestions together, much better than women.

  From the survey results, many female friends are still looking forward to having a “boyfriend”.

Most of the choices of male close friends ignore “Cai Kangyong-style” and “Zhang Guorong-style”. Men with a little feminine tendency are more popular with female friends.

  [Expert reminder]Hearing with the opposite sex, pay attention to distance and grasp the degree. So, is the most effective way for women in the workplace to talk to a friend of the opposite sex?

During the interview, the reporter found that many people were skeptical of “boyfriends.”

Netizen “Penny” questioned: “Is there a real friendship between men and women?

“” Psychologists say that becoming a close friend of the opposite sex is sometimes a need to send loneliness to each other, but it is not practical to deliberately obscure identities, and stimulation may be complicated and cannot be generalized.

“If friends of the opposite sex talk to each other about a large number of topics, over time, it is easy to have feelings.

For married women, there is pressure that does not prevent them from choosing to talk to their families and lovers, avoiding long-term relationships with friends of the opposite sex, and affecting family happiness.

Psychologists caution that unmarried women can use this variety of alternative ways of decompression, but it is best to target single heterosexuals.

“Married women pay proper attention to the boundaries and grasp the degree.