[How long does the fungus shelf life last?

】 _Shelf Life_How Long

[How long does the fungus shelf life last?

】 _Shelf Life_How Long

Fungus is a kind of food that can help people prevent diseases. Most of the fungus in the city is processed and dried, so when you buy it, you ca n’t eat it directly, but you need to soak it with water.

Eating fungus often can not only prevent disease, but also can supplement people’s body with certain nutrients, which is really a healthy food.

How long is the shelf life of fungus?

Dry fungus shelf life: The shelf life of black fungus is generally 1-2 years.

After buying it, bask it in the sun for a day, wrap it with food bags, and put it in a tightly sealed jar or dry box, so that it can be stored for two years.

Take as much as you like and it will not spoil.

You didn’t keep it well, don’t eat the spoiled worms, just pull them away.

How to save dry fungus: The fungus should be stored in a ventilated, ventilated, dry and cool place to avoid direct sunlight. Keep away from foods with heavy smells to prevent cross-talk.

Because the thickness of the fungus is fragile, you should reduce turning, and handle it lightly without pressing heavy objects.

You can also sew a bag with gauze, put the fungus inside, and hang it in the corner of the balcony.

Take it out when the sun is good.

Can be kept for a long time.

Do n’t get wet. If black fungus is moldy, mold is very serious to cancerous substances, and it ‘s not good for the body if you eat it.

How fungus does not degenerate: 1. Fungus will degenerate if it is left for a long time. After a long time, fungus will degenerate. Especially after summer, fungus is more prone to deterioration. Mold and moth are the most common manifestations of fungus.In addition, the dried goods of Auricularia auriculata have a relatively long storage time. If they are soaked with water, they should be eaten as soon as possible, otherwise, a few days later, there will be a strange smell, nutritional components will be lost, and the soaked fungus will deteriorate.

2. The fungus is air-dried and preserved without deterioration. After purchasing the dried fungus, you can prepare a gauze bag, put the wood inside, seal it, and then hang it in a ventilated place, so that the fungus can be stored for a long time without deterioration.

3, the fungus is refrigerated and does not deteriorate. Put the fungus after purchase in a fresh-keeping bag to remove the air, seal it well, and store it directly in the refrigerator. It can also be stored continuously. If it is often taken out in the sun for one or two days during storage, it will causeThe storage time of fungus is shortened.

4. The fungus should prevent the skewer fungus from being degraded during storage. It should prevent the occurrence of skewer, that is, when storing the fungus, it should be away from the food with a strong smell, so as not to invade the inside of the fungus and let the smell of fungusChanges that affect people’s taste when eating fungus.