[Girls learn to make cakes]_Women_How to make

[Girls learn to make cakes]_Women_How to make

Cake is a popular sweet, especially for many girls, who especially like to eat cake.

Of course, cakes can’t be bought in a cake shop. You can also prepare certain ingredients and work yourself to make cakes at home.

Moreover, if you make your own cake, you can also add different ingredients according to your own taste to make it more suitable for your own taste.

So how can you make your own cake?

First, 4 eggs, 90 grams of flour (to be sieved 1-3 times), half a box of sugar, milk (250ml), put in vegetable oil and salt.

Second, the production process 1. Separate the egg yolk and egg white, and place them in clean, oil-free and water-free large bowls; 2. Beat egg white for a while (if there is no eggbeater, use three chopsticks instead).You can add some salt, then add a spoonful of sugar, and continue to beat; when it is thicker, add another spoonful of sugar, and continue to beat; when the egg whites are creamy, and stick to the chopsticks, they will not fall.

3. Add two spoons of white sugar, 3 spoons of flour, and 6 spoons of milk to the egg yolks, stir well, but be careful not to stir too much.

4. Pour in half of the creamy egg whites. Note that they are stirred up and down instead of in a circle. Stir well before pouring in the other half of the creamy egg whites. Stir up and down.

5. Press the rice cooker to preheat the rice cooker for 1 minute and take it out. The pot is a bit hot. Pour in the oil all the time and spread it evenly in the pot to prevent sticking to the pot.If you want to defoam, the cake won’t go up), then pour in the stirred things, then squat the pan a few times to shake the bubbles out.

6. Click the rice cooking button, and it will automatically jump to the insulation level in about 2 minutes. At this time, cover the vent with a towel and suffocate for 20 minutes, then click the rice cooking button again, and 20 minutes will be fine.

Third, pay attention to the following items in the process of making cakes: 1. Make sure that the bowl of egg whites and egg yolks are clean and free of oil and water; 2. Turn the egg yolk liquid upside down and mix well to make a paste3, the protein is beaten into a rigid foam in one direction; 4, the protein is added twice to the egg yolk paste, and mixed well; 5, the cake paste is poured into the inner wall of oiled and heated rice cooker, using a clothHold the pot and shake it a few times to turn it flat, and then press the cooking button.