[Benefits of sesame oil for confinement]_ confinement _ effect

[Benefits of sesame oil for confinement]_ confinement _ effect

Generally, women are very weak after childbirth, and they need to recover by confinement. Most people basically lie on the confinement, rarely move, and are rich in milk.I often eat a lot, which can easily cause constipation. If you eat some sesame oil in confinement, it can relieve the symptoms of constipation and it is very good for your health.

Can confinement eat condiments? Confinement confinement can eat some condiments, but there are many condiments that should be eaten less or not, which will be described in detail below.

In short, the diet during confinement should follow the principles of light and low oil, guaranteed dosage, well-formed, thick and thin.

Condiment cooking wine that can be eaten in confinement: Although cooking wine contains alcohol, the alcohol basically volatilizes during cooking. Cooking wine can increase appetite, eliminate lochia, and promote physical recovery.

It can also promote human growth and development and improve sleep quality.

Ginger: Eating ginger can promote blood circulation, enhance gastrointestinal function, increase appetite, and is beneficial to mothers’ postpartum nutrition absorption.

Ginger is a warm substance, and it should not be too much at one time. Excessive ginger vinegar will increase lochia.

Ginger is rich in nutritional elements, which can not only supplement the lost nutrition for mothers, but also promote the healthy development after breastfeeding.

Perilla: eating perilla can increase appetite, help digestion, improve constipation, and is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and replaces fiber, carotene and other elements.

Low sugar content, has spleen and stomach, sweating, cold expelling effect.

But it should not be excessive.

Sesame butter: You can eat sesame butter to nourish qi, moisturize the lungs, meditate, beautify skin, black hair, lighten stretch marks, increase skin elasticity, and prevent hair loss.

High in calcium, but also in moderation to prevent gaining weight.

Stock broth: The broth that can be eaten provides a variety of original nutritional components, which is conducive to promoting new mothers’ postpartum recovery, but it is not appropriate to add too much salt.

Fuel Consumption: It can help postpartum recovery, improve immunity, and increase breast milk nutrition.

Ketchup: Can eat ketchup to supplement B vitamins, soothing effect, can effectively prevent postpartum depression.

Sesame oil: can eat trace vitamins, can promote metabolism, help to expel lochia, and improve resistance.

Welsh onion: Weeding leek has the effect of appetizing and promoting digestion, can drive cold, and can be used to treat cold and cold.

However, the shallots are hot and spicy, so they should not be eaten more.

Intestinal meal: It is very beneficial to digestion of the stomach and can prevent the loss of nutrients.

The protein and B vitamins in lotus root powder are very beneficial to the baby’s brain development, and can also promote bone growth and improve breast milk quality.

However, the powdered sugar is high, so it is not recommended to eat more.

Miso: It can reduce cholesterol, fight cancer, relieve constipation, and prevent diabetes. It can be eaten in moderation.