Exploring the new economic pattern, live broadcast of over 80 established brands in Beijing

On April 22nd, the public welfare live broadcast of “Bringing Goods for the Hometown” was held in Beijing’s well-known Tonghe Juyuetan Store.Ding Jianhua, a second-level inspector of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, BTV host Yue Yue, and popular anchor Zhang Mofan came to the live broadcast room to “call” for the well-known Beijing brand. The live broadcast attracted 780,000 netizens to watch for an hour.Putting on a traditional gown and using a number of well-established names to make a “rape clip rap”, Ding Jianhua and the netizens who were doing the live broadcast for the first time had greeted the way “professional”: “Hello everyone!”In the live broadcast room, Ding Jianhua popularized the old Chinese brands and many common senses of Beijing’s old brands, and also sent invitations to netizens:” Beijing has many old brands that are intangible cultural heritage. I hope more friends can realize the authenticity of the old Beijing brand.Original.Ding Jianhua said that the epidemic has a great impact on established brands, mainly catering companies. Many established brands are gradually being sold through outsourcing, developing semi-finished products and other methods to facilitate residents ‘consumption, while expanding the takeout and avoiding contactless distribution.And many old brands have started to open online stores to do live broadcasting.Ding Jianhua said that as of now, Beijing has more than 80 years of time-honored landing on Taobao live broadcast and other platforms.Ding Jianhua said that in the future, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce will also continue to guide the innovation and transformation of well-established enterprises, support and encourage retail enterprises and well-established enterprises to explore new economic industrial forms, and organize professional training to fully integrate with existing industrial forms to stimulate well-established enterprises.The new vitality of retail in the old business district creates a new shopping experience to meet the constantly changing new consumer demands.Sauna, Yewang learned that the 30 newly announced special consumer streets and popular commercial districts of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce have all settled in Taobao for live broadcasting.According to the “Taobao Live Broadcasting New Economic Report 2020” released on April 2, based on the rich offline retail market resources, the number of broadcasts in Beijing increased by 315% in March, and the number of broadcasts doubled.At present, there are tens of thousands of Taobao live broadcast merchants in Beijing, many of which are well-established Chinese brands and featured shopping districts.Various businesses have surpassed 700 live broadcasts on Taobao. After nearly 2,000 cabinet elder sisters signed up to participate in the online training organized by Taobao live broadcast, they took the position of anchor.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Ping Editor Peng Yali proofreading Xue Jingning