The spleen of the five internal organs


The spleen of the five internal organs

Through the explanations of the five internal organs in the past few days, we have a certain understanding of the heart and the lungs.

Today, we and everyone are decomposing the spleen in our daily routine.

First of all, if you want to know the spleen, you can know how to pay attention to the maintenance.

The spleen, located in the abdomen, is under the sputum and adjacent to the stomach.

The spleen, belonging to the soil, like dryness and dampness, is the foundation of the day after tomorrow.

The spleen plays a major role in transporting and dying blood in our human body, that is, the micro-salt of our food is finely transported to various parts of the body to nourish our body.

The spleen is in the body and the main limbs.

As we all know, the growth of whole body muscles is mainly nourished by the spleen and stomach’s subtle transport of food water valleys, in order to strengthen our muscles and exert their functions.

What problems will occur once the spleen is injured?

Qi and blood deficiency, stool is not formed, rising belly, muscle relaxation and so on.

If the spleen and stomach are not good, the essence of our food will not be transported, and the body will not get enough nutrients, which will directly lead to the deterioration of our body’s immunity.

So how do we maintain it in peacetime?

First of all, we can adjust our diet, usually eat more spleen and stomach food, such as millet, pumpkin, barley rice, yam, etc. to achieve nourishment.

It is usually possible to massage our spleen and maintain the smoothness of our meridians by acting as a co-operative.

The meridians are unobstructed, and all diseases are not born.

Finally, remove excess moisture from the body.

The spleen belongs to the soil, and it is dry and damp. Once it is trapped by the dampness in the body, its transport function often occurs.

Light, the abdomen will be loose, the stool will not be formed, full of oily light; heavy, qi and blood deficiency, the body’s immunity is reduced.