How to practice square chest muscles

How to practice square chest muscles

I recently met a fitness friend and asked how to practice pectoral muscles?

This friend said this: “It’s been more than a year since I started fitness, my chest muscles have thickened and I have produced a lot, but I feel that my entire breast shape is round, and the area of my chest muscles is not large.Good-looking, I want to ask how can I practice the pectoral muscles? ”

I believe that many fitness friends have encountered this kind of problem about the shape of the chest muscles, so today this article will solve how to practice the chest muscles. Please continue to see details.

First of all, this article wants to be clear here. There are two factors that determine whether a person has a round or square breast.

The first factor is the congenital factor, which is the gene. To be more specific, it is the distribution shape of the hip muscle fibers.

The second is the acquired factor, which refers to the acquired pectoral muscle training.

If you want to compare the two factors that determine the nature of the square chest, the point here is that congenital factors are more important.

But the day after tomorrow’s exercise can also achieve the effect of the square chest, but it requires more effort.

Here’s how to exercise the chest muscles the day after tomorrow to achieve the effect of square chest.

The reason for the difference between square breasts and round breasts is that the breast muscle fibers of round breasts are more concentrated in the middle of the dark, while the muscle fibers of square breasts are evenly distributed on the entire side.

So friends with round breasts pay attention. If you want to practice square breasts, please pay attention to the following points: 1. Minimize the pectoral muscles with small amplitude and small angle to practice the movement.

For example, push chest with seated equipment as little as possible, push chest with Simth rack, push chest with barbell, etc. These exercise exercises with small amplitude and small angle during the training of pectoral muscles.

If you must use a barbell during the exercise of the pectoral muscles, Simth, it is recommended to change the distance between the hands frequently, it is best to use a wide grip to do the barbell to push the chest.

2. Multi-purpose exercises with large range and large angles. These exercises can stretch the muscle fibers of the buttocks and enlarge the chest cavity.

For example, dumbbell push chest, dumbbell bird, rope clamp chest, rope push chest, supine flex arm pull-up, parallel bar arm flexion and extension, push-ups, etc. These exercise exercises with large range and large angle during the training of the pectoral muscles.

3. In the process of exercising the pectoral muscles, the standard of movement, standard, and then standard must be achieved.

Because during the exercise of the chest muscles, improper movements are likely to lead to uneven development of the chest muscles.

There is also a need to do “long displacement, slow speed” in the process of exercising the pectoral muscles.

Well, about how to use the pectoral muscle exercise formula to summarize the above 3 points, I hope that friends who want to practise the breast muscle exercise formula can strictly follow the above 3 points.

Generally, you should strictly follow the above 3 points, and you can see the changes in the shape of the pectoral muscle for 2 to 3 months. Friends who have this need can try it.