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705 and NewRNG The 705 and NewRNG Summer Games roster is on order
705 and NewRNG 705 and NewRNG summer roster is on the list 705 and NewRNG what is going on?League of Legends 2020LPL summer transfer period June 1 news, RNG officially released an announcement, announcing that the former JDG order 705 and the former LEG order newly joined the team, as the upper unit players preparing for the summer game, currently RNG only has the largest Guaz leftAppointment.It seems that the list of RNG2020LPL summer competition venues is about to be announced. The following editor brings 705 and New to join the RNG announcement. Let’s take a look.  705 and newly joined RNG RNG official announcement on June 1st: 705 (He Yulong), New (Tian Zhipeng) two top singles officially joined!705 (He Yulong) was the JDG team’s order in the 2020 LPL spring competition, while New was the top order player who had played for VG and LEG teams successively.  [Working together, the future is expected]After friendly communication and dialogue with the players, we are happy to announce to you that from now on, 705 (He Yulong) and New (Tian Zhipeng) will officially join the RNG eSports Club League of LegendsThe division, as a unit player on the team, will prepare for the upcoming summer game.  705 players played for IG.Team Y, together with teammates, won the 2019 LDL Summer Championship, and then transferred to the JDG team to compete in the LPL field. It is a new generation of potential players with deep hero pools and active play; new players have played for VG and LEG teams successively., Is a player with a variety of play styles and rich experience in competitions.  Welcome two new players to join the RNG family, and hope that in this summer of enthusiasm, we can work together to make unremitting efforts to win the game, come on!  Finally, thank you fans for your continued love and support for the RNG eSports club. Original title: 705 and newly added RNG RNG official announcement 705 and newly added team as top orders