The swimming world “after the strongest 00” is about to appear in Beijing, the coach cools down before the game to prevent killing

Yang Junxuan is regarded by the outside world as the number one Chinese women’s short distance freestyle.Figure / Sports Tomorrow afternoon, the FINA Championship Swimming Series Beijing will start. Yang Junxuan, who won the women ‘s 200-meter freestyle championship at Shenzhen, is the focus of outside attention.In an interview with the media, Yang Junxuan’s coach Wang Aimin cooled the disciple: “Whether it can become a ‘future star’ depends on her own efforts.”After the second National Youth Games last year, Yang Junxuan and Wang Jianjiahe were called” the strongest after 00 “. This teenager was even regarded by the outside world as the number one Chinese women’s short distance freestyle.However, in an interview with the media today, coach Wang Aimin expressed this title: “I don’t think so.”The so-called” Future Star “is only a comment on her online. Whether she can finally achieve this goal depends on her own efforts.She does have some conditions to become an excellent athlete now, but the most important thing is the training in the future. It is too early for her to make such comments.”At the same time as decompressing the disciple, Wang Aimin also raised his expectations for Yang Junxuan:” She is now the world record holder of the women’s 200m freestyle, but she needs to break through her achievements and greatly improve her achievements before she can reach adulthood.Breakthrough.We hope that she can achieve this goal, especially at this age she is more suitable for breakthroughs, because it is psychological, physical and training are gradually maturing.”Wang Aimin hopes that Yang Junxuan will do his utmost to obtain the qualification to participate in this year’s Tokyo Olympics, and then” fight hard and exert his strength “at the Tokyo Olympics.According to the schedule, Yang Junxuan and Wang Jianjiahe both made their appearance every Sunday afternoon.