Fat Enemy-Yoga

Fat Enemy-Yoga

Obesity is a psychosomatic disorder.

Due to bloated body, inconvenient and unattractive activities, many people are prone to inferiority and reflexive emotions, such as tension, anxiety, fear, and lack of confidence.

Eating, drinking, or using sedatives when you are nervous or anxious to calm yourself and unconsciously develop bad habits in life.

The method of yoga meditation and relaxation adjusts the psychological and physical adjustment of the transitional person and changes to establish a healthy outlook on life. It can better understand yourself, accept yourself and grasp yourself; have a certain insight into the bad behaviors and habits of your life.And self-control.

  Materials published jointly by the University of Michigan Medical University and the University of California have set off a wave of meditation.

Major hospitals use meditation methods to treat psychosomatic diseases such as mental illness, hypertension, hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

According to the experimental results, the effect of meditation and relaxation is three times that of sleep, and some people said: “Modern society is an age of pervasive stress. How to fully rest the human tissue should be closely related to medical treatment.

1. The alpha wave activity on the EEG is enhanced, the amplitude is expanded, the frequency is slowed down, the rhythm is stable, and the alpha waves in various regions of the cortex tend to be synchronized.

This is a waveform that reflects the quiet state of the cerebral cortex. This active state of internal inhibition leads to the regulation, recovery and improvement of brain function. The hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis system will effectively change, thus showing an overall impact.

  2. Increased secretion of certain central nervous mediators in the high-level nerve center of the brain, such as serotonin, endorphins and other substances can make people excited and emotionally happy.

  3. American and German scientists have discovered that two genes, PL and PDK-4, can trigger hibernation genes, which control or “switch” the internal mechanism of the human body, so that the body entering hibernation stops dependence and burns aunt.

Experiments have shown that breathing, heartbeat slows, blood pressure decreases, systemic oxygen consumption decreases, blood oxygen saturation reaches 100%, and the brain and internal organs enter a resting state during meditation.

It can be seen that meditation is similar to “artificial hibernation” and has therapeutic significance for obesity and complications, as well as the principle of health and beauty.