How to deal with boss’s black mood

How to deal with boss’s “black mood”

Many of the celebrities in the corporate world are notoriously hot-tempered, it is common to take pictures with their subordinates, and even the vice president who ran into the rivers and lakes with them would be scolded by dogs.
The boss is in control, and I have exclusive respect in the company. Therefore, it is easier to vent his emotions at will in front of his subordinates.
Especially as a company leader, the pressures and challenges he faces are not imaginable. Therefore, when he faces major pressures, he will consciously or unconsciously vent his emotions to his subordinates.
At this time, if you don’t know how to deal with the boss’s black emotions, you may be affected by his bad emotions, and then you will doubt your ability to work, and over time, you will be trapped in inferiority and depression.
If you understand the art of interpretation, analysis, and self-relief, you can better handle the relationship with your boss. Perhaps your career will be even higher.
  ”Black” mood one: anger Zhu Di, before entering the boss’s office, heard the boss growl in the room: “What is going on with you guys?
How can you do that?
It’s all rice buckets!
Zhu Di knocked carefully at the door of the boss’s room. After a while, he heard the boss say loudly, “Come in!”
“Zhu Di entered the boss’s room and saw a few colleagues standing down and training.
Seeing Zhu Di, the boss was still angry: “Why are you here now?
You can go!
“Several colleagues quickly left the room.
Based on her experience, it was more ferocious to be called by the boss this time.
Sure enough, the boss took out the business case submitted by Zhu Di yesterday and threw it on the table with a pop: “What the hell did you write?”
Not even knowing the basic situation of the customer!
And this place, this place!
Is it appropriate to write like this?
Zhu Di did not dare to argue, but had to lower his head to listen to the boss’ reprimand.
She didn’t know how long the boss trained, until she heard the boss say, “Go out!
“She just trot back to the office.
  Returning to her seat, Zhu Di was very grieved. Her plan was clearly written at the boss’s request at the meeting on Monday, but now he is picky and worthless.
Why doesn’t the boss care about being a girl?
She won’t leave her with such a face?
Zhu Di felt more and more uncomfortable as he thought about it. At lunch time, Zhu Di didn’t even think about eating.
For a few days, Zhu Di was disheartened by his boss’s dark emotions.
  Interpretation of anger: In fact, in psychology, anger is often a manifestation of inner strength.
The bosses are generally powerful people, so that they can stand on their own, so they are generally stronger, stronger, and beyond doubt.
When they encounter setbacks, they show it in a more extreme way.
Anger is actually a power to change a situation that we cannot accept.
  Analysis of the boss: Under the anger of the boss, Zhu Di regarded the anger of the boss as pointing at himself.
In fact, Zhu Di is just one of the targets of the boss’s anger.
The boss may be experiencing some pressure outside, or there may be some problems in handling family relationships.
In short, don’t think that the boss’s emotions are caused by yourself, because you may not be so important to the boss.The boss cannot be angry at the customer or go on the street. The company is a safe area under his control, so he is most likely to choose this to bring venting emotions safely.

  Tips for self-relaxation: 1.

Learn to watch and watch. When you find that your boss has a problem with anger, as long as you don’t have to find him, avoid the limelight. Maybe he will resume as usual tomorrow.


If unfortunately you become the boss’s vent, don’t bump up and argue when he gets angry. The more explanation, the easier it will trigger his anger.


Never think that your boss will get you fired if you get angry.

If everyone quits after being scolded by the boss, the company may not have a few people already!

  ”Black” sentiment two: I am worried that my boss has always been a little flustered recently in June. He is often worried.

The original company’s competitors have been digging the company’s walls recently, trying to pull the company’s core customers away.

The company is engaged in trade. It does not have its own factory, but relies on constant friendship with foreign and domestic factories.

However, the company has a strong strength. The boss of the other party seems to have had festivals with the boss many years ago. These years have been fiercely competing with the company. Now it is even more open to attract customers and declare war on the company.

  The boss’s character is not strong enough, and he will be worried when facing pressure.

For example, this time, the other party just started to win over the company’s customers and was unsuccessful, but the boss started to feel a little upset.

In his tension, the company was also shrouded in some kind of worry.

  Interpretation of worry: Worry is often a sign of lack of self-confidence.

Because of lack of self-confidence, you will worry about situations that you cannot control.

  Analysis of the boss: In fact, many things people worry about will never come. Worrying does not mean that something bad will happen.

Faced with worry, the boss often has a weak character and lacks self-confidence. Worry is a stress response when he is facing tremendous pressure.

When the boss is worried, it means that he has encountered tremendous pressure. At this time, as a subordinate, you must support him without being affected by him and get into anxiety. Do not give up lightly until the final result.

  Tips for self-relaxation: 1.

Tell yourself that many people were worried about earthquakes, tsunamis, and doomsday predictions, but we are still alive today.

It can be seen that the concerns may not be realized.


Worry is often caused by unconfidence, so always remind yourself to maintain self-confidence.


What happens even if the worry happens?

Preview yourself as having some way out.


Look at disabled people, laid-off workers, they can all live happily, and you can too.

  ”Black” mood # 3: Shrinking Since the boss returned from a business trip in Tokyo, Kath found that the boss’s mood has become serious.

As an assistant, Kath certainly didn’t dare to ask her boss what she could do. She could only work more carefully and help her boss arrange everything she should arrange.

After a few days, the situation has not improved.

Other employees in the company also noticed the boss’s mood and did not dare to speak loudly in the office. The atmosphere of the company became more and more depressed.

  Case felt that this was not the way to go, so before leaving work one day, she intentionally stayed on the grounds of talking to the boss, and then invited the boss to chat with the cafe in the building.

In a relaxed atmosphere, she began to face the boss’s trip to Tokyo.

The boss finally told her the reason for her abnormal mood recently.

  It turns out that the boss has a brother who has always been his role model. The brother has excellent academics. After graduation, he also successfully started his own business and married the school flower as his wife.

8 years ago, my brother took the entrepreneurial capital to Japan to reunite with his wife studying in Japan.

When I arrived in Tokyo this time, the boss saw his brother, but it was completely different. It turned out that his wife had betrayed him shortly after the brother arrived in Japan.Consciously shameless to see Elder Jiang Dong, he had no choice but to live in Japan. He lived in the red light district of Tokyo and lived a poor life.

When the boss saw him, he told the boss that he was already at the advanced stage of liver cancer, and just begged the boss not to tell his parents in the country about their current situation.

  The boss has always wanted to expand the company’s business to Tokyo, and was subconsciously affected by the brilliant image of the older brother.

But he did not expect that his model for so many years is so embarrassing now, and when the boss comes back, he will block the feeling of prevention.

  Case understands the feelings of the boss, but Case tells the boss that the boss’s corrective mood has now spread to the entire company. If no adjustment is made, the morale of the company’s employees will be greatly affected, and everyone has always trusted the boss.The company’s performance will be booming.

The boss woke up and promised that Kath would cheer up from the next day.

  Confrontational explanation: Stress is a self-protection mechanism when people are facing stress, often encountering unpleasant changes.

) Life.

Its manifestation is negative pessimism, reducing the following concerns. It is not a long-term or even a stable reflection of a person’s character. It only occurs under some special pressure situations.

  Analysis of the boss: The boss is also a person, and there are also fragile times. When he encounters some unpleasant things, he will also have a lowered mood.

When he has been in this mood for too long, he may wish to learn Kaikai’s approach, understand his reasons, and help him get out of this bad mood.

  Tips for self-relaxation: 1.

When the boss overcomes the pressure, it often indicates that there is something wrong with the personal situation of the boss, and sometimes encounters some blows and unsatisfaction.


Usually people’s depression will be self-healing. Don’t disturb him at the early stage of the boss’s decline.


If the pressure of the boss lasts too long and has affected the morale of the company, you or your supervisor should care about him and understand what went wrong.


Telling the boss that you support him will help him through the difficult times.