Cold stomach should not eat cucumber

Cold stomach should not eat cucumber

Cucumbers are rich in vitamin C and can be eaten raw or semi-cooked.

In summer, the tender skin of cucumber is called green, so it is called cucumber.

The summer is hot, and the cucumber is made of amaranth, and the flesh is refreshing and delicious, which has the benefit of increasing appetite.

If you are thirsty and dry, you may wish to eat cucumber raw.

However, people with cold stomach or diarrhea should not eat cucumbers raw.

  Old cucumbers weigh three to four pounds each, have a golden brown skin, and thick and strong melon. They are not usually used for cooking or cooking, and even for soup.

However, some people have tried peeling the old cucumbers and cutting them into thick slices. When eating “salad”, they are eaten together, saying that this is more delicious than using cucumbers and white melon.

  The big old cucumber is hot in the heat of the day. It is the best for relieving summer heat when used as a soup.

Ordinary people, with pork, raw fish and the like, the soup tastes better.

If it is to clear away the sickness and heat that has formed, when cooking cucumber soup, you can not cooperate with meat. You can only add some peels or three or several red dates and fire-resistant decoction.

  The old cucumber is quite medicinal. It can clear the heat, treat the fever, and has the purpose of relieving acute fever.

According to the predecessor of traditional Chinese medicine, some rural residents in counties such as Nanhai and Sanshui, when the cucumber was in high yield, shattered a large number of old cucumbers (although they can be used even if they were too old), and carried them with tiles to seal the mouth with limeHidden in the ground, one year later, a pile of cucumbers that had been stuffed into half of the water has turned into half of the water, which can be used as a “cucumber water” that can be used as medicine.Fever (antipyretic fever), an emergency medicine for treating fever.

In the past, there was no medical equipment in the village, suffering from fever, high temperature and severe illness. The patients were often hot to a coma. The local people used cucumber water for emergency.