How do people who are too thin make the chest muscles bigger?


How do people who are too thin make the chest muscles bigger?

Question: The younger brother is currently 170 centimeters and weighs 55 kilograms. The whole body is super slim, and the two super straight QQ above.

I really want to make my two chest muscles bigger and stronger, as long as the chest muscles are good.

Am I thin and have a solution?

I have read some knowledge that it is the foundation of the Voldemort, but it seems to have only a certain effect. If you do not want to go to the gym, is there any other way?

What kind of equipment do you need to buy? Is it expensive?

銆€銆€Answer: Let us come from the structure theory of the human body to provide the direction of thinking on the other side of the netizen, let you know how to train the muscles, don’t let the wrong message disturb you, let me explain for you as follows: Question 1.

“A pair of those two super-uniform QQ, I really want to make my two chest muscles become bigger and stronger, as long as the chest muscles are good, I am thin and have a way?”

The direction, the method is wrong, it is very easy to get hurt and no effect!

If there is a line in the chest muscles, then you have to strengthen, your (white muscle) it belongs to (fast-shrinking muscle fiber) do not understand?

Let you know the muscles first!

銆€銆€Muscles are divided into skeletal muscles, heart muscles, visceral muscles, and the heart muscles and visceral muscles belong to involuntary muscles. It is impossible to pass the command of stopping or starting from the brain. We can only control skeletal muscles, and it can be fast.If you want it to be slow, you can slow it. If you have power, you have strength.

銆€銆€The skeletal muscle is a muscle attached to the bone, such as the biceps (upper arm), the pectoralis major (the tibia), the quadriceps (thigh), etc., and the skeletal muscle is divided into red according to the composition and contraction characteristics.Muscle and white muscle, in which red muscle is called type I, white muscle is called type II, and type II is divided into IIa and IIb.

Red muscle belongs to slow-twitch muscle fiber, mainly involved in endurance sports such as marathon long-distance running, continuous lifting heavy objects; white muscle belongs to fast-shrinking muscle fiber, mainly involved in explosive sports such as 100-meter race, weightlifting, etc., athletes rely on this skeletal muscle principle,Exercise to strengthen the muscle group that is insufficient.

Do you know anything about your muscles?

銆€銆€And what do you say about the skull without meat?

It is the muscle line that is not enough to train!

Then whether you want to gain weight before you can practice beautiful lines, then no!

Then, if you play weight trainers, you don’t have to eat fat and then get muscles. The effect is better?

In fact, if you have a aunt on your knees, you must spend more time turning your aunt into muscle!

銆€銆€Question 2.

“I have read some knowledge and said that it is the foundation for the first place to stand up, but it seems that it can only have a certain effect. If you don’t want to go to the health room, is there any way to do it? It is not expensive to buy any equipment.”Can only practise the chest muscles?

That’s not!
A lot of simple moves can be trained!

Temporarily provide you with the following self-weight exercises (in the beginning, you don’t have to go to the gym).

銆€銆€The following exercises are not only practiced on the chest muscles, but other muscle groups can also be practiced together. The muscle lines will be symmetrically balanced: the horizontal bar: When the hands pull the body up, it can be divided into two postures, the horizontal bar is in front of the neck and the neckAfter that, this is the muscle used in the upper body.

銆€銆€Volkswagen (enhanced version): The general method is shared by the limbs due to its own weight, and only the lines can be trained.

The self-weight of the enhanced version is concentrated on the coaxial and the weight can be adjusted, and the strength of the foot pad to replace the self-weight is heavier.

銆€銆€Sit-ups: It is not necessary to do as much as possible. The key point is that every time you start, the abdomen will be forced to stay until the end of strength. The slower the better (the abdominal muscles will tighten and become larger, such as the principle of white muscle above)).
銆€銆€The point is to make the muscles bigger, and to give it nutrition, it will grow up (that is, while filling the feet and practicing)!

This will do more with less!

Exceeding the above-mentioned use of the device without relying on the weight, you can exercise strong muscles, and no sports injuries, remember to warm up before training, especially the warmth of the joints must be.

The relative amount of the amount, the amount of force (each body is different), the number of times slowly increase, the general weight training unit for the “group” each group and again, every 10-12 times for a group, generally do 3The group is one unit.

The above information should be enough for you to train, usually add high-protein foods (not auspicious food), can strengthen the muscles.

And (weight training), this is a recognized knowledge, this time does not provide information.

The above explanation hopes to help you.