[Eat potatoes to gain weight or lose weight]_Effect_Effect

[Eat potatoes to gain weight or lose weight]_Effect_Effect

Many people like to eat potatoes. Potatoes and tomatoes can be said to be the two most popular foods in the country.

There are many ways to make potatoes, which can be a big challenge for people who like to eat potatoes and lose weight.

So, is eating potatoes to lose weight or gain weight?

In fact, this has something to do with the way people eat potatoes. Here is a detailed introduction to the relationship between eating potatoes and losing weight and gaining weight.

Eat potatoes to lose weight or gain weight. I ‘m sharing the shredded potato shreds today, because the oil content is low, the potatoes themselves have relatively high starch and can be eaten as a staple food, and the potatoes contain resistant starch, and the content of resistant starch and coldRegarding heat, cold potatoes have a higher content of resistant starch than hot potatoes. This resistant starch is not easily absorbed by the body, so it helps to lose weight.

As a staple food, potatoes are more nutritious than direct white rice and white noodles, and at the same time are instantaneously low, and have a strong feeling of fullness. The GI value is lower than that of white rice and white noodles, and high-GI foods should be reduced for weight loss.

Such potato shreds are part of the staple food to help lose weight. If you eat this potato shreds as a dish and then eat a large bowl of white rice, you can only gain weight.

Therefore, to lose weight, take the potato shreds shared today as a staple food, and then eat green vegetables casually, eat full, you are definitely not hungry to lose weight, you can still eat meat, but want less fat, some sauceBeef, steamed fish, brine shrimp.

Ingredients for potato recipe:[main ingredients]: two potatoes[seasoning]: homemade chili oil, salt, ginger slices, raw soy sauce, two cloves of garlic, one chive, rice vinegar production steps: 1, readyRaw materials.

2. Prepare the potatoes into thin slices and place them.

3. Cut into filaments.

4. Wash the potato shreds with water several times, then add water and soak the rice vinegar, so that the potato shreds are more crispy.

5. Cut the ginger and garlic into pieces, and cut the shallot into inches, then break each section of shallot into two pieces.

6, add enough water to the pot, add an appropriate amount of salt and rice vinegar, and burn to high heat.

7, add potato shreds, quickly remove with chopsticks, heat evenly, turn off the heat again after it is boiled.

8. Quickly pour the shredded potatoes into the filter and rinse, then pour them into the cool white sauce and try again to avoid ingesting raw water.

If you don’t want to eat too cold in winter, you can just pour it into the cold boiling water for a while.

9, the pot is hot, add homemade chili oil and heat until it is 60% to 70% hot.

10. Pour in the ginger and garlic and simmer, then turn off the heat.

11. Pour the fragrant ginger and garlic minced ingredients into the potato shreds with moisture control, add the appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, rice vinegar, and chives.

12. Stir well.

Tips: The decoction must be a little more water, boil until boiled and boil again, but it is almost the same, but this is related to the thickness of the potato shreds, if cut thicker, the decoction time will be longer.