The winter solstice is in the heart of the heart and keeps in mind 5 warm winter days.


The winter solstice is in the heart of the heart and keeps in mind 5 warm winter days.

This year’s winter solstice is December 22, what should we pay attention to during the winter solstice?

Xiao Bian will give you a comprehensive introduction to the winter solstice health knowledge, from cultivating the heart to living and then to the tonic, so that you can spend the winter.

The weather in the winter solstice is getting colder. From the perspective of TCM health care, what aspects should we pay attention to during the winter solstice?

Take a look at these winter health tips.


The focus of the winter solstice is to raise the heart in the heart of the winter solstice.

It is necessary to raise a good first, a generous heart, and a heart free from worry.

In winter, you should be calm and careless, keep your spirits optimistic, don’t worry about trivial matters, don’t force fame and fortune, suffer from loss; avoid long-term “overloading” to prevent overwork and overwork.


The winter solstice should be warmed into the winter solstice, and the cooling rate will be further increased.

The most important health care of the winter solstice is to keep warm, the body is warm, the blood will be smooth, and many diseases can be avoided.

The head of the warmth is the head and feet.

As the saying goes, “the cold starts from the foot”, the foot is farthest from the heart, the blood supply is slow and low, the subcutaneous sputum is thinner, and the warmth is very poor. Once it is cold, it will reflexively cause contraction of the respiratory mucosal capillaries and reduce the disease resistance.It causes respiratory infections, so in the cold winter solstice season, the warmth of the feet should also be strengthened.


The daily care should be moderately in the living, should go to bed early, wait for the sun to appear before going out.

At the same time, wear more clothes to avoid unnecessary outdoor activities and prevent excessive consumption of yang.

銆€銆€”There is always a daily life, raising the gods, not doing the work, raising the essence.” If the winter season can reasonably arrange the daily routine, you can maintain the spirit, and work and rest can raise its kidney essence.

Try to do “do not walk, listen to the ear, listen to the eyes, do not look very much, sit for a long time, not very tired.”


Moderate exercise is suitable for exercise. Because of the heavy snow and thrifty, the sports health should also conform to the natural laws. It is not appropriate to do too vigorous activities. Instead, you should work hard on the word “Tibet”.

For example, do stretching exercises every day when the sun is good (9-10 o’clock in the morning or 2-3 o’clock in the afternoon).


Dietary supplements should be eaten in warm foods that are suitable for replenishment in winter. Traditional Chinese medicine is divided into several categories.

Frozen in the cold, the preferred warm food.

Such as chicken, lamb, beef, squid and so on.

All of the above are delicious and can be used as a tonic in winter.

However, eating too much warm-up foods is easy to get angry.

銆€銆€There is also a kind of nourishing food, which has the effect of nourishing yin and kidney, filling the marrow and replenishing the marrow.

Mainly: fungus, black dates, sesame, black beans, pork ridges, sea cucumber, turtle meat, turtle, abalone and so on.