Counting celebrity yoga experiences

Counting celebrity yoga experiences

From China to foreign countries, celebrities can be said to be the largest group of yoga enthusiasts.

In particular, female celebrities’ pursuit of facial appearance and physical stress need yoga to help.

Therefore, if you practice yoga is not only good for your health, you may also have the appearance of a star by the way!

  Mo Wenwei’s Crazy Index: ★★★ Mo Wenwei is a sports fanatic. She claims to have developed a habit of doing various sports.

Every morning, she will go to the fitness room whenever she has time, and she loves to do yoga and insists on keeping her healthy with yoga.

Mo Wenwei believes that practicing yoga also requires dietary pairing and proper eating habits. Mo Wenwei said, “I have always enjoyed eating since childhood, and I have to eat every meal, and sometimes even supper.

If I happen to be in a hurry, I will reduce the amount of food I eat because I feel uncomfortable eating too much.

“Mo Wenwei has a balanced diet in the future. She should be on an empty stomach before yoga. It is best to control her diet with yoga every day.

  Yang Siqi’s Madness Index: ★★ ☆ Hong Kong is rarely cold all year round, and people usually like items like swimming.

However, Yang Siqi, who is different from others, said that recently, like many female stars, she has fallen in love with practicing yoga.

Although Yang Siqi thought she had always been too greedy, she still had to exercise yoga and sponsored by slimming food, but her weight still remained unchanged, but she felt that the biggest benefit was that the whole person felt younger and walked easier than before.Both ends.

  Zhong Liti’s Madness Index: ★★★★ ☆ 35-year-old Zhong Liti is an out-of-the-box yoga madman. She used to sleep poorly before, so she thought of soothing nervous nerves by practicing yoga.

At that time, she happened to be fat 25 kg because she had a baby, so resetting her is also for the purpose of fitness and weight loss.

But over time, she discovered that the benefits of yoga include more than just improving sleep and losing weight. Yoga can also enhance the expressiveness of body language.

Zhong Liti is most afraid of a woman’s body stiffness after the age of 30, but yoga can make her body soft and make her full of charm.

Zhong Liti now has a measurement of 88-56-88 and a weight of 49 kilograms. She is known in the fashion industry as “having a sexy body like Venus and is an excellent sample of Asian women.” I believe yoga has great credit.

  Lin Zhiling’s Crazy Index: ★★★ Lin Zhiling once did a program on TV introducing high-temperature yoga.

On TV, Ms. Lin, who thinks she doesn’t practice yoga quite hard, has since become a regular guest in yoga classes.

For Lin Zhiling, exercise yoga is very helpful for her to maintain the figure’s figure, and at the same time can soothe the busy nerves.

Although Lin Zhiling has been working hard to recover and gradually restore some previous exercise programs after the horse fall incident, I believe that according to her current physical strength and lack of physical fitness, if you want to replace the sweaty and time-consuming hot yoga, you may need to step by step.Only OK.

  Wu Yongwei’s Crazy Index: ★★★★ Wu Yongwei on the fluorescent screen is slender and beautiful, it is hard to imagine that she is 36 years old.

Absolutely outside the show, she is indeed younger than the proportion of married women of similar age.

Wu Yongwei exposed her maintenance tips: “I have been in sports for more than 10 years. Exercise must be carried out regularly, otherwise the body is easily unbalanced.

I like to do high-temperature yoga. I play 27 poses for 90 minutes at a time. I sweat a lot, and it is not easy to strain. It can accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, and cooperate with breathing to make the whole person’s mood calm.

“Ying Cai’s Crazy Index: ★★★ ☆ Hong Kong has recently become popular for doing high-temperature yoga, which can accelerate blood circulation, expand pores, and relax joints at high temperatures. In short, high-temperature yoga is to use high temperature to activate the body.

Ying Caier, who was obsessed with high-temperature yoga, said with a smile: “I thought I must die because doing yoga at high temperature was a bit breathless and very hard. I never thought I could endure it!

“She said frankly that she also participated in water skiing while doing high-temperature yoga. She even got unexpected gains-even her muscles became firmer and her body shape was much better than before. Ying Caier even said that even the number of skull cups had increased. What a surprise!
  Zhou Wenqi’s Crazy Index: ★★★★ Zhou Wenqi has insomnia, but has improved significantly after practicing yoga.

“After doing yoga and taking a shower, I went to the street and walked as if fluttering, my body was full of energy, and I slept particularly well at night.

“Actually, Zhou Wenqi was most afraid of exercising, and she was easily dizzy and never exercised.

Every month, I helped out at the yoga studio opened by Huang Peixia, but I fell in love with yoga and brought her boyfriend Du Dewei to accompany her to yoga classes.

Zhou Wenqi said, “I used to run a few laps and I was shocked in half an hour, but I had no problem doing yoga. It was really comfortable.