How office workers deal with terrible mental illness

How office workers deal with terrible mental illness

Information Anxiety Ms. Li, who works for a large company, spends a lot of time on the Internet every day to browse information, read newspapers and magazines, and once there is a network failure in her home or work unit, she will feel very unwell and become worriedAnxiety and symptoms such as insomnia, headache, decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting.

  Cause: Due to the fast pace of work and increased access to information, these people are accustomed to obtaining information from the Internet, TV, and electronic books.

If you rely too much on the Internet, it will lead to the development of a morbid psychology, which may turn into obsessive-compulsive disorder in severe cases.

  Prescription: Regardless of people’s complete and comprehensive information, omissions are always inevitable.

Moreover, information is often not the only factor that determines success or failure.

Therefore, you don’t have to think about information all day, remember that not only you will miss some information, everyone has this phenomenon.

  After the depression, Ms. Chen was outstanding in all aspects and she has always been appreciated by leaders.

Not long ago, she was promoted to the general manager of the branch, but she felt great pressure. The most worrying thing every day was that the work was not done well enough, the leader was not satisfied, and she was ridiculed if she made mistakes in her work.

These rises gradually made her sleep quality worse, and she felt dizzy, tired, and burned much worse than before.

  Cause: A successful career is an enviable good, but more and more successful people are tired of success and suffer from depression.

This is because of too much pressure for promotion, insufficient confidence in oneself, and high expectations of oneself, and poor psychological quality or poor self-relaxation.

  Prescription: Learn to be idle and relax, so that the toxicity can be restored in time.

In addition, to maintain a normal emotional life, mutual care and love between family and friends is very important for people’s mental health.

When confronted with conflicts, frustrations and excessive mental stress, be good at self-relieving, such as participating in sports, socializing, travel activities, etc. to eliminate and eliminate emotions and maintain psychological balance.

  Xiaoyi, 30, said shopping spree. When she walked into the street, she wanted to enter the store, and when she saw more and more clothes, she felt that they were beckoning to her.

She didn’t hesitate then, only the excitement and joy of shopping.

She knew that she didn’t need that many clothes, and had secretly determined to control her desire to shop, but she was very happy when she arrived at the clothing store.

If you do not control the purchase, you will be worried and unwell.

But when reason prevails, regret and distress must accompany it.

  Cause: Xiaoyi is actually suffering from greedy shopping, commonly known as shopping spree.

Such people have a pathological possessiveness to the goods. When faced with a wide range of goods, they often dig out their pockets without thinking, and have the satisfaction and pleasure of possession at the same time they buy.

Some people think that work is for making money, and making money is for enjoyment.

Therefore, after having the conditions, it is often difficult to control desire.

Indulging desire, or escaping to desire because of various pressures, is the psychological cause of greed.

  Prescription: The most important thing is to understand whether there is some kind of psychological problem behind the desire to shop, whether there is any dissatisfaction with reality and dissatisfaction with themselves.

When a person dares to face a problem and solve it, the mind is balanced.

In addition, do n’t bring too much money when you go out. Before you go shopping, think about what you need and what you do n’t need. It is best to go shopping with your companions and ask them to help.

  In the marriage, the empty nest syndrome Jun and Li are both handsome and beautiful. They both have enviable occupations. They both value this family and care about each other, but they are unable to ignite their sexuality.

Both people are somewhat conservative in their sexual life. In their eight-year marriage, sexual life is a routine every time, and because they are busy at work, most of the time for sexual affairs is “avoidable but free.”

  Etiology: This disease has become the most common of all sexual psychological problems. Such people rarely have spontaneous sexual requirements.

Depression, mental stress, local injury, fast-paced life, hard work and even insufficient secretion of sex hormones can cause sexual desire depression.

But usually its roots are the ability to marry in time, or to accumulate long-term sexual desire and lack of knowledge of sexual science, as well as fear of intimacy and potential inferiority.

  Prescription: find the problem of sex, re-understand sexual desire, understand sexual knowledge, increase sexual interest.

In addition, to reduce work pressure and slow down the pace of life, in addition to work, let yourself have other leisure.