Do facial lifting to prevent sagging computer face

Do facial lifting to prevent sagging computer face

Due to the advent of the Internet age, more and more people have become accustomed to using computers, and even exaggerated so much that they can’t live without computers. Do you often stay at home and face the computer?

Are OLs busy working on computers all day?

Facing the computer numbly every day, unconsciously, the muscles on the face are too loose, and the devil’s claws have quietly stretched towards you.

Now teach you 4 strokes facial massage, which can effectively prevent sagging computer face, come and try it.

  For facial massage Step1, push the middle and forefinger fingertips of your hands from the middle of your forehead and push them open about 4-8 times.

Prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

  Facial massage Step2 also use the middle and ring fingers of both hands to push up 6-10 times on the cheek position.

The earliest can improve the elasticity of the cheek muscles, and it will not easily change into an old woman.

  Step 3 of facial massage is also to use the middle finger and ring finger of both hands to push 4-8 times in the corner of the lips with appropriate strength.

Can effectively reduce the smile, MMs laugh whenever they want.

  Step 4 of facial massage finally, alternately with both hands, push up from the neck to the chin position, about 10-12 times.

The chin will not relax, which effectively reduces the possibility of double chins.