[How to make dried tofu]_ dried tofu _ practice _ production method

[How to make dried tofu]_ dried tofu _ practice _ production method

In fact, dried tofu is more common on our dining table, and different methods of making dried tofu bring different flavors. Friends who like to eat dried tofu do not prevent them from learning more about some of its production methods andskill.

1. The production method of dried tofu is the same as that of soybean tofu.

First wash the tofu bag.

The difference is that the dried tofu is a long roving white cloth, about half a meter wide and dozens of meters long.

The tofu bag for soybean curd is very large square and roving cloth, and the side length is about two meters.

After washing the tofu bag, dry it and set aside.

2. Soy beans are soaked, milled into soy milk, and boiled in a large pot until boiled and cease to heat.

At this time, overpack to separate tofu residue and soy milk.

Hanging a cross on the shed and hanging a square tofu bag on the four corners of the cross formed a large net bag.

Pour the boiled soy milk into the tofu bag one by one, and the other person shakes the tofu bag, so that the pure soy milk leaks out of the tofu bag and flows into the large tank below.

To a certain extent, use the splint to clamp the remaining tofu residue in the tofu bag and squeeze out the remaining soybean milk.

Until all the soy milk is over, the tofu residue is completely separated from the soy milk.

3. Put the soy milk in the large tank and cool it a little bit, then start to order the brine.

Put tofu in a small bowl, pour a little inside, and stir in the soy milk with a spoon, always watching the changes of the soy milk.

Add a little bit of brine and stir again until you are satisfied.

This is the most critical technique for making tofu, which is not something everyone can do.

Each tofu tincture has its own know-how, which will not be passed on to others, because more people know this skill and their own rice bowls will be weak.

4. At this time, cover the shell of the tank, wait for a while, and see that the soy milk has become a brain. There is a flower of tofu in it. When it is accompanied by clean water, the milk is separated into tofuAt that time, you can press tofu or dry tofu.

5. After the tofu flower is separated from the water, you can make dry tofu.

The width of the wooden frame of dried tofu should be the same as the width of the dried tofu bag. It is about one meter long and about half a meter or one meter high. First put the rolled dried tofu bag in a layer in the wooden frame. Use a tofu scoop to tofuThe flowers are crushed and broken, and it looks very uniform. Use a scoop to scoop some tofu flowers, and gently and evenly sprinkle it on the tofu bag. Make sure that it is even, thin, and not too thin.

After that, add another layer of tofu, just to cover the tofu flowers just splashed, and prepare for the next layer of tofu flowers.

Repeat the previous procedure again, pour the second layer of tofu flowers, and cover with tofu.

And so on, repeat until the wooden frame of dried tofu is full.

6, at this time, it is about to start pressing.

Cover the thick wooden board first, press some big stones, and then press a large wooden beam with a thick rope across the wooden board, one end is fixed, and the other is stirred with a rope on the beam under the other side.Use a small wooden stick to stir in the middle of the rope, and constantly stir, so that the wooden beams above are constantly pressed down.

Lying under the wooden frame in clear water, the tofu flower was under heavy pressure in the tofu bag and gradually became dried tofu.

Press for a few hours, open the tofu bag, one layer is a piece of dried tofu, take it one by one, stack it, and put the dried tofu.