[How to make salmon avocado bibimbap?

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[How to make salmon avocado bibimbap?

】 _How to do_How to do

Salmon is a very common food, especially in Japan and other countries, salmon is basically a daily food.

Moreover, the taste of salmon will change according to the production process.

For example, raw salmon is a very delicious food, and salmon can also become the main ingredient of bibimbap.

So the question is, how to make salmon avocado bibimbap?

Method 1: Substitute salmon ingredients for half a pound of rice, bowl of avocado, lemon and half teriyaki sauce instead of pepper instead of salt.

Prepare material 2.

Sprinkle traces of salt, black pepper, teriyaki sauce on the surface of the salmon, wrap it in a tin foil and put it in the oven, 350 ° about 153.

Remove the grilled salmon and sprinkle with a small amount of lemon juice.


Slice the avocado and salmon on rice, add some teriyaki sauce, and you’re ready to eat!

(If there is no teriyaki sauce, use soy sauce instead).

It is best to mix salmon, avocado and rice to taste better.

Method two: 1. First teach everyone how to use and choose avocado.

The fully cooked avocado peel is shiny and slightly soft. If the black is dull and the touch is very soft, it means that it is overripe.

If you buy fresh raw avocados in a hurry, you can pack the avocados and apples together in a cowhide bag for two days to ripen.

2. Cut the avocado in half and turn it with a twist.

3. Cut avocado into small pieces for later use.

4. Cut salmon into small pieces for later use.

5, white sesame roasted in a pan over low heat.

6. Put avocado and salmon in a bowl, add roasted sesame, chopped onion and parsley, and shredded seaweed, then pour in sushi soy sauce, wasabi sauce and sesame oil and stir well, and finally pour lemon juice.

Pour the mixed salmon avocado on the cold rice and eat while mixing. Fruity, fatty and sesame, which is quite satisfying!

Salmon seafood bibimbap method: main ingredients salmon clams scallops scallops dumplings avocado rice accessories flying fish roe lemon white sesame pickled radish soy sauce wasabi sauce mayonnaise black pepper sea salt 1.

Select the fish maw part, sprinkle black pepper and sea salt on the surface, massage and taste, and marinate for 10 minutes?

Seeds, clams into the wok, remove the shell and leave the meat?

Salmon and scallop pillar spray gun broken[at home, can also be slightly fried in a pan]?
Sliced salmon after use?

Cut the avocado with a cross knife, and dig out the flesh for use?

Stir rice, avocado, pickled radish, and soy sauce thoroughly?

Put the delicious seafood on top and make a beautiful shape?

Sprinkle with sesame seeds and flying fish roe, squeeze in mayonnaise, and order the wasabi sauce according to personal preference. Serve?