A beautiful woman may wish to practice grip strength_1

A beautiful woman may wish to practice grip

Core tip: I have a good hand and gave me a good physiology. When I was young, I once skipped a puppet dance.

The rhythmic movement of the five fingers spreading the whole body vigorously makes me have a great grip on training.

  I was so nervous that I jumped a puppet dance when I was young.

The rhythmic movement of the five fingers spreading the whole body vigorously makes me have a great grip on training.
  Practicing calligraphy can increase grip.

When I was a child, I used to write brush writing. My grandfather often sucked at me and my brother’s writing brush.

The younger brother will be pumped full of ink.

My grandfather said that I had strong hands and could write on paper.

My grandfather often asked me to insert my fingers and grab the sand and salt grains to write a renewed writing brush.

  Grab heavy objects with grippers to increase grip.

I have never been afraid of lifting heavy objects, and I never tire of it.

In particular, when my hands are numb, my whole body is sweating and my blood is staggered, which makes me particularly comfortable.

A gripper that brings back heavy weights from the United States and Japan can effectively train muscles, protect joints, and prevent tendon injuries.

  You can quietly practice grip strength by bus.

I commute on the bus every day, even if I have a free seat, I never sit.

Instead, with the left or right hand, grab the crossbar above your head and alternate from time to time.

Abdomen, lift your chest, lift your feet, slowly lame, and close your feet.

Look for a feeling when you are young when you practice dance.

The other hand, even holding a heavy object, was never placed on the ground.

  Good grip really does not love to get sick.

I have been for more than ten years and have not spent a penny of public medical expenses.

There are also minor illnesses and minor disasters, but they are all solved at the pharmacy by buying some medicine or at their own expense.

When in the post, the labor intensity is very high, tens of hours a day.

We also rarely take weekends off.

Colleagues admire me for being able to survive and survive, thanks to my strong boy skills.

  Grip device is a beauty instrument According to a 20-year-old research conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute for the Elderly, a follow-up study of more than 400 elderly people has confirmed that grip strength has a greater impact on women’s health than men.

A woman with a strong grip has a longer life than a small grip.

  Because women are inherently inferior to men in terms of quantity and quality of their muscles, the establishment of cardiac ejection function, arterial oxygen carrying capacity and venous return to heart blood volume are also inferior to men.

Therefore, the training of grip strength is particularly important for women’s life span and health quality.

  I have observed that some women with strong grip strengths have good physical fitness and are expected to be younger.

We even joke like this: “A few dollars for a grip device is a beauty instrument.

“The most commonly used equipment for grip strength training are grippers, grip rings, grip bars, dumbbells, pullers, etc.

The grip device and grip ring are cheap and can be carried around.

  Everyone says ten fingers with heart. I want to say twenty fingers with heart.

Always train the muscle strength of ten fingers and ten toes.

And maintain a dynamic balance with the body’s muscle rhythm, pursue training muscles, and protect the health of the joints.

Think of the fingers and toes as the pivot points of the South Pole and North Pole of a globe. The rotating globe is the muscles of the whole body and the equator is the heart.

  A small way to increase grip strength Grip strength is the force generated when a gripper is gripped with one hand, and is displayed in kilograms.  The grip strength body mass index, that is, the grip strength per kilogram of body weight, reflects both the strength of the forearm and hand muscles, and an important indicator of the overall strength of each muscle group and muscle in the body.

  6 safe and convenient ways to train your grip strength: bells.


Weight lifting: 10?
20 points 2.

Push-ups are relatively fragile. You can kneel on the ground first, and gradually push up to the finger-ups on the ground.


With the palms facing upwards, hold the broom or mop head with five fingers, and lift it vertically with the force of your fingers. This method can help increase the grip of the left hand.


Take your abdomen and chest up and your jaw in the correct standing position. Your hands will sag, or at 90 degrees. Open your fingers with your fingers and open your fists. Hold your ten toes firmly on the ground.

The feet followed the toes to open, and the rhythm of the gathers rose up and down.

  In addition, you can make a fist vigorously with one hand and spread your fingers with your other hand to hold a fist vigorously.

With the lame, open the bow from left to right and cross.

Every time you sweat your body, your heart rate will increase.


Use railings, door frames, etc. to do pull-ups.

At first, you can practice hanging.


Find a male companion who rubs his wrist.

  Vignette 1.

In previous years, the unit organized dozens of lesbians with senior professional titles in physical fitness tests.

My overall score is excellent.

After testing, the ratio of my uncle to muscle is also excellent, which is also an indicator that most female compatriots cannot reach.


I also often rub my wrists with my husband to practice hand strength and grip strength.

It turned out that I won more.

I wrote another blade for writing this article, and I still won.

  Expert comments: Associate Professor Guo Jianjun, Research Center for Sports Health and Recovery, Institute of Sports Science, General Administration of Sport of China: Because the brain dominates the hands, it is many times larger than the feet or other joints.Enhance grip.

  For example, you can buy a rubber ball with a little elasticity for a child to play with and squeeze it when you have time.

The small ball is the size of a palm and placed in a school bag.

In addition, walnuts and iron balls can also increase the length and grip of your fingers without leaving your hands.