Hot exercise makes you fall in love with aerobic fitness

Hot exercise makes you fall in love with aerobic fitness

Warm air-conditioned room, rhythmic music, sweating and happy.


.Aerobics was mentioned in the plan after work, and the old love of the past returned to the position of new love.

  Basic inventory of basic equipment: General gyms are very warm, so you don’t need to pack yourself tightly. You can wear short-sleeved T-shirts or cute vests that are newly listed in spring and summer.

  In short, the principle of looseness is arbitrary, but it must be breathable.

Because aerobic exercise takes a long time, and the amount of exercise is sticky, it is easy to sweat a lot. If you wear it too thick, you may catch a cold.

  Bottoms: Aerobic exercises do not have high requirements on clothing, and are mainly for comfort.

Although the low waist and hip casual trousers can show a graceful curve, it is a very test of figure.

And some kind of rich details, the color of the pink pants are more eye-catching, if it can be matched with the top is even better.

  Sports shoes: Since the amount of exercise is very large, the shock resistance of the shoes is very important. It is best to choose multifunctional sports shoes, that is, the front and back palms of the shoes have air cushions to reduce the impact of the upper and lower jumping on the joints.

Otherwise, the impact force on the feet is transferred to the ischium and lower spine, which may cause serious problems, and the problem of shoes must not be underestimated.

  Fitness shoes should have thicker pads, and the shoe body should not be too soft. A half-height cylinder can be used to protect the feet instead.

  Sports bag: A small sports bag can hold your mobile phone, keys, skin care products, etc., while the oversized large sports bag not only keeps up with fashion, but also covers sportswear and towels.

  Sports towel: A soft, light cotton sports towel is essential. It can pamper your skin and avoid colds.

  Hair bands: A small hair band is enough to help us manage our hair, prevent them from blocking our vision, and absorb sweat to make our image more perfect.

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Step by step.

At the beginning, you should take steps to walk, so that the body and lower limbs have enough time to adjust.

Don’t do it too long at the beginning, 10 minutes is better.


After aerobic exercise, change sweaty clothes in time.

Avoid catching cold, especially after exercising in the air-conditioned room.


People who often do aerobic exercises should pay attention to their feet and often fall toenails.

Sweating during exercise, sweat is left in the toe seam, and it is easy for bacteria to breed, so you should always keep your feet dry.


Wear a comfortable and tensile sports bra when jumping.


Exercise during menstruation should not be too much.


Women who do not have exercise habits should not start doing aerobics during pregnancy.

Even women who have a basic aerobic training need to consult a doctor during this period to decide whether to continue aerobic training.