Different yellow face different whitening processes

Different “yellow face” different whitening processes

One of the titles that MM was most afraid of hearing was “Huanglian Po.”
When you say “Yellow-faced woman”, you suddenly feel that your life is bleak. This is not only a matter of beauty.
There are different types of whitening methods for different types of “Huanglian Po”.
  The first: natural yellow-faced mother-in-law. Features: pale and yellowish uneven.
  What to do with a born yellow face woman?
  We Asians are prone to yellow because we are yellow.
Once yellow, the skin looks dull, but most people will have some other pigments to neutralize, although they are yellow.
But some people are more unfortunate-she has more yellow pigment, which is miserable.
  The natural Huanglian Po was conscientious to say that it was not saved because it was a genetic cause.
However, there are some other methods that can be used for remedy and improvement. For example, when applying makeup, you can use a base makeup that is slightly whiter than the skin background. Also, pay more attention to your diet and eat less papaya and carrots.
You can drink more lemon juice, sugarcane juice is better, you can also eat less celery, plus some apples and honey, is also good for skin whitening.
  The second type: lazy yellow-faced whirling traits: black head, dead skin.
  Many yellow-faced women are lazy.
Every night before going to bed, I do n’t wash my face, or just wipe my face with water. Even after washing my face, I do n’t wipe the skin care products.
Over time, pores become larger, blackheads are flooded, and dead skin is rampant. Even if the original skin foundation is good, the lazy white MM can become a yellow face.
  The lazy yellow-faced wife asks for 10 minutes each morning and evening to clean and care for her skin.
First use warm water with a strong cleansing facial cleanser to cleanse the face. Use a towel to gently absorb the moisture from the face. Be careful not to rub it hard or wipe it casually.
Use a mask that sucks blackheads or peels 2-3 times a week. After use, apply astringent water in time to shrink pores.
Then apply moisturizing toner and lotion on the entire face and pat gently until absorbed.
  Lazy crush, please persist for 10 minutes every morning and evening, overcome laziness, tear off the yellow-faced wife label as soon as possible, and become a white beauty!
  The third type: age-type yellow-faced whirling traits: stains, aging.
  If it is aging or stains that cause your face to turn yellow, this is more likely to be caused by age. You can read from the spots on your face exactly what is wrong with your body.
  If your spots are broken and not flaky, then this is related to sunlight.
If it is flaky and symmetrical, it must be related to your endocrine.
  In addition, many people who give birth to a child will develop pregnancy spots, and there are always people who scare pregnant women that pregnancy spots cannot be dropped.
In fact, in general, any woman will have pigmentation in the first three months of pregnancy. It can disappear if you take good care of it.
  But if you do not do sun protection at this time, the chance of it falling down after giving birth is very small.
Many women have been forced into “yellow face women” by perennial pressure for the sake of their families and work.
Sisters, please love yourself as much as possible while loving life and family.