Baby & Ball Games

Baby & Ball Games

If your 10-month-old baby is bored, feeling bad, and crying, give it a try, give him a ping-pong ball, let him throw it out, bounce it back in, and let him throw it out;Show him the ball show, he will be attracted to your game, and finally break his tears and laugh.

Many babies like to play ball. Smaller babies can play table tennis, small balls, and older babies can play small basketball and small football.

  Why do babies like to play ball so much?

The ball is an interesting “guy” in the eyes of the baby.

You see, as long as the round ball gently gives it a little external force, it will roll forward, and the direction of rolling changes according to the direction of the force, and it will bounce back when it touches something; you can make the flower ball rotate in place, likeA gyro, the pattern on the ball has many changes and colorful; you can learn to grip the ball, you make a lot of force, it will rebound high, and with more force, the ball will jump higher than the baby; in frontSet a few empty plastic drink bottles, let the baby point the direction, push the ball hard, and see how many are knocked down, who can hit it, haha, you can also play bowling at home . there are many ball gamesIt is the change that fascinates the baby. The baby can participate in this game. He can use his own power to influence the ball and have an effect, and the ball will react in a variety of ways.

After playing well, the baby will know how to do it and what kind of reaction the ball will produce, such as: how hard you want the ball to bounce back, how hard you want the ball to jump high, and if you want the ball to turnHow to work hard, how to aim to hit the target in front, etc. In the process, the baby’s operation and abilities of hand and eye coordination are also trained, and the baby is also required to use his brain. These games are really fun and very interesting for the baby.Useful.

  Among all kinds of balls, table tennis is the best toy for babies up to 1 year old.

Ping-pong ball is small in size and light in weight, suitable for baby’s small hand grip. When the table tennis touches the ground or hard objects, it will make a crisp and regular sound.Throw the ball on the ground, deliberately create this sound effect, and enjoy it.

And even if the baby throws the ball randomly, it will not smash things, the sound will not be too loud, it will not affect the neighbors, and it is safer.

You can also exercise your baby’s arm strength.

  After the baby can walk, it may be a little bigger ball to let the baby kick and play. After the ball rolls far, let the baby walk over to pick it up, which can increase the baby’s interest in walking, and squat can also exercise the baby’s legpower.

  When the baby is 2 or 3 years old, he can give the baby a little bigger football or small basketball. You can throw the ball face to face with the baby or play a game of pat with the parents to train the baby’s hand-eye coordination ability.Counting on one side, the baby can quickly count to dozens or even hundreds of digits.

  After 4 and 5 years old, the development of baby’s motor ability has improved. You can start to learn to play table tennis or badminton. You can first let your baby play with a racket upside down, and then slowly teach him to hit the ball and catch others.Ball.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t play well, this exercise can train your baby’s quick response and flexible skills, and promote the development of brain balance.