Funds to go north to buy 100 billion technology leaders

Funds to go north to buy 100 billion technology leaders

After four hours of horror on the first day of the year of the mouse, the technology counterattacked strongly.

  The Year of the Rat is inconclusive, A-shares staged a big counterattack today, and the GEM index rose 3 in early trading.

69%, with the concept of pneumonia, power batteries, medical devices, bio-vaccines, antibiotics as the primary replacement, have become the main force to rebound.

  On the plate, the pneumonia concept index rose by 5.

53% led the gains list.

Dozens of pneumonia concept stocks hit the daily limit in the early morning, including Harbin Pharmaceutical, People’s Tongtai, Tailong Pharmaceutical, TEDA, and Uni-Phase Pharmaceuticals. Among them, Uni-Phase Pharmaceuticals became the biggest focus.

  It is reported that on the afternoon of February 3, Lianhuan Pharmaceutical donated 500,000 yuan and 8 tons of medical disinfectant alcohol to the Yangzhou Red Cross to support Yangzhou epidemic prevention and control.

China Uni-Phase has donated anti-epidemic materials including N95 masks, disposable masks, medical alcohol and related drugs.

  The first two-day release1.

The 7 trillion liquidity People’s Bank of China stated on February 4 that a single-day open market operation was issued on February 3.

After 2 trillion yuan, on February 4, the People’s Bank of China continued to increase supply liquidity. On the same day, the open market operation reversed the repurchase fund of US $ 500 billion, and the liquidity gradually increased to 1 on two days.

The 7 trillion yuan fully demonstrates the determination to stabilize market expectations and boost market confidence.

  The People’s Bank of China said that the release of higher-than-expected liquidity 杭州夜网 pushed up interest rates in the money market and the bond market, and instead increased the interest rate in the loan market, which will help reduce capital costs, ease financial pressure on enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises, expand financing scale, and supportThe real economy.

  In the year of the north, the capital has spent 24 billion dips. From the perspective of early-term capital flow, 52 shares have received a net inflow of over 100 million yuan from the main capital.

Power battery industry Long Ningde era main capital inflow of 19 scale.

6.9 billion.

The stock hit its daily limit in early trading today, the latest and a record high, the A stock market value reached 328.8 billion.

Except for the Ningde era, Harbin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Mould Technology, Ganfeng Lithium, BOE A, Lianhuan Pharmaceutical, and other stocks received net capital inflows of more than 300 million points on Saturday.

  The upsurge in the Ningde era has nothing to do with Tesla.

On February 3, Tesla will add LG and Ningde Times as the company’s battery partners to the conference call question and answer copy. The specific details will be further copied on “Battery Day” in April.

On the same day, Ningde Times announced that the company intends to cooperate with Tesla, Inc.
And Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. copied the “Product Pricing Agreement (C hina).”

The agreement stipulates that Ningde Times will supply Tesla with lithium-ion power battery products.

Currently, Ningde Times, Tesla, Inc.The agreement has been signed and needs to be signed by Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

  In addition to Tesla’s distorted hype, the strong participation of Beifang funds also played an important role.

Securities Times · Statistics show that the net inflow of funds to the north in the early morning reached 62.

4.9 billion yuan.

On the first trading day of the Year of the Mouse, the A-shares exceeded the limit of 3,200 shares, and the capital of Beishang increased by 18.2 billion against the market.

According to preliminary calculations, up to now, the accumulated net expenditure of the capital of the year of the rat to the north has exceeded 24 billion yuan.

  Yesterday’s after-hours data showed that of the top ten active stocks on the Shanghai-Shenzhen Stock Connect, Ping An of China, Maotai of Guizhou, Gree Electric Appliances, Ningde Times, Yanghe Shares, and China National Tourism, etc., gained more than 500 million yuan in northbound capital.

From today’s perspective, in addition to the slight decline of China National Travel Service, the remaining 5 stocks that have won large amounts of Northbound funds have all become popular. Among them, the daily limit of the Ningde era, the stock was granted a net inflow of Northbound funds yesterday.

4.4 billion.

  The prevention of Wuhan pneumonia epidemic by Shuanghuanglian is not advocated by those who do not get sick. The development of the epidemic has also affected the A-share market to some extent.

It is said that CCTV News reported that as of 2 o’clock on February 3, the National Health and Health Committee had received progressive reports of 20,438 confirmed cases (2 cases in Heilongjiang Province) in 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.There were 2788 cases, 425 cases gradually died, 632 cases were gradually cured and discharged, and there were 23214 suspected cases.

At present, 221,015 precise contacts were gradually tracked down. 12,755 people were released from medical observation that day, and 171,329 people were receiving medical observation.

  At 9 o’clock today, Vulcan Mountain Hospital began to treat the first batch of 50 patients from three hospitals including Wuchang Hospital and Hankou Hospital.

Wuhan Rescue Center is responsible for the transfer task. Ten ambulances are connected to the negative pressure ambulance.

Currently, the first patients admitted have entered the ward.
  In addition, according to CCTV news reports, last night, Wuhan City began to build a “square cabin hospital” in Hongshan Stadium, Wuhan Living Room, and Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center to treat patients with pneumonia infected by a new type of coronavirus.
The three “cabin hospitals” will provide a total of 3,400 beds.

“Fang cabin hospital” is a kind of field mobile medical medical system of the People’s Liberation Army. It is also widely used in various emergency treatments.

It consists of medical function unit, ward unit, etc., with functions such as emergency treatment, surgical treatment, clinical examination and so on.

  In response to the recent stir-up of Shuanghuanglian, an expert group of the National Health and Medical Commission responded yesterday evening.

On February 3, a routine press conference on the prevention and control of pneumonia in a new type of coronavirus infection in Hubei Province.

At the meeting, Zhang Boli, a member of the expert group of the National Health and Medical Commission and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that Shuanghuanglian was fried very hot. This medicine is cold and not suitable for ordinary people.

In addition, the inhibitory effect was not evaluated clinically.

We do not advocate using it for prevention.

  How does the organization treat the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan in the future? The fermentation is still continuing. Even today, the small and medium-sized trauma plate counterattacks, but the rebound is still insufficient.

Data show that the remaining 2487 stocks fell in early trading, and the limit stocks exceeded 140.

  Looking ahead, Qin Peijing, chief analyst of CITIC Securities Strategy, believes that the current A-shares are in an upward trend of “well-off cattle” in the next 2-3 years. The epidemic will only cause short-term shocks and will not change the market trend and main line.

“Fast adjustments are likely to end in a week.”

In Qin Peijing’s view, after the economy gradually returns to the right track in the second quarter, the “well-off cattle” will most likely open around March, and the “golden pit” dug out by the market in February due to the epidemic will be the best configuration time.
  Zhang Xia, chief analyst of China Merchants Securities Strategy, said that through the further easing of the epidemic, the market began to rebound, and the electronics, new energy vehicles, and media sectors with high initial prosperity will continue to be the main battlefield.

For the February deployment direction, Zhang Xia suggested focusing on the medical and medical equipment, TMT and finance, real estate, and automotive sectors.