[How to make dried radish and vegetable stuffed buns]

[How to make dried radish and vegetable stuffed buns]

The ingredients of this dish are simple, healthy and hygienic. It is suitable for people of all ages to eat.

People can’t refuse the deliciousness that can’t be hidden. They can also make it at home. People can’t forget it. Authentic homely taste.

Delicious, family is happiness.

1. Add 300 grams of white sugar and 3 grams of Angel yeast to 300 grams of warm water.

2. Add 500 grams of flour after the yeast has completely melted.

3. Use chopsticks to stir the flour into a cotton wool shape, knead and knead it, and turn it into a chopping board to smooth it.

4. Put it back in the basin, wrap it in a fresh-keeping bag, and put it in the warm place to double the size.

5. Dried radish dish soaked a day in advance, chopped, chopped garlic.

6. Cut the tofu into small cubes and chop the meat.

7. Heat the oil pan and fry the tofu until golden.

8. Set the tofu aside, fry the garlic and fry the minced meat until it becomes discolored.

9, add an appropriate amount of salt, almost soy sauce, an appropriate amount of sugar and stir well out of the pot.

10. Smear the oil on the steaming pan.

11. Take out the dough, sprinkle some dry flour on the chopping board, knead the air out of the dough, and cut it with a knife without holes.

12, knead the dough evenly, knead into long strips, and cut into uniform ingredients.

Take a dipstick and flatten it by hand.

13. Use a rolling pin to roll into a thick skin with a thick middle edge. Hold the bun skin with your left hand, put in the filling, pick up a fold with your right hand, and then fold it back counterclockwise to close the mouth.

14, put it on the oiled steaming pan, and let it stand for about 15 minutes under cold water (the specific time depends on the temperature, you can open the fire when the buns become significantly fat).

15. After the fire has boiled, steam for 10 minutes, turn off the heat and wait for 3?
Turn on the pan again in 5 minutes (to prevent the temperature of the steamed bun from shrinking when it suddenly drops).

16, Pi Song stuffing fragrance, taste very good!

The method of making stuffed buns with dried radish and vegetables is simple. It is more economical to cook and cook by yourself, and it is also nutritious and healthy. Learn it now!