Do these 8 things in the summer, leaving a sick!


Everyone knows best

Do these 8 things in the summer, leaving a sick!
Everyone knows best

Summer is coming again!

In the face of the high temperature intrusion, you may go for a ride in the countryside, enjoy a refreshing swim, and have a barbecue with friends, and spend a whole day in the air-conditioned house, drinking a large drink to cool down.but there are big risks in these things that you often do in the summer.

In the theory of TCM health, the summer solstice is the most prosperous time of yang, the yin qi is born, causing attention to protect yang; replacement, summer solstice is also the so-called “yin and yang fight for death and death”, the yin and yang alternate, the human body is prone to various diseases.

Therefore, it is very important to have a healthy health care at this time.

In the hot summer, I don’t want to do these 8 things!


Air conditioning blowing overnight is the most vigorous time for human metabolism.

At this time, the pores open and love to sweat.

If you stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time.

It will hurt the yang of the human body.

If the air conditioner is open all night, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, so that the pores of the whole body are closed, and the body is indirectly difficult to dissipate. It will cause insufficient blood supply to the brain due to rapid contraction of blood vessels in the brain. People with high blood pressure and history of cardiovascular disease are more likely to attack.”Hot stroke.”


Eat cold drinks to cool down, we can eat cold drinks, it can instantly make ourselves cool, but it will lead to local body temperature is too low, especially in the stomach, eating too much is easy to cause stomach upset due to low temperature, spleen and stomach weakness, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, severe cases may cause a cold in the body.

Especially those who are weak in the spleen and stomach and the elderly, children should pay more attention.


Shower water Although the shower water is cool and comfortable, our pores are open at this time, and sweat is being drained to dissipate heat.

At this time, the cold water rushes, and it is always easy to invade the human body with the cold air, leading to cold and dampness.

It should be noted that if it is a shower after the exercise, the chance of heatstroke or rupture of the blood vessel will be greatly increased.

Therefore, it is best to take a bath with warm water every day, which is good for heatstroke and disease prevention.


Thirsty and irritated water sweats more in summer, easy to thirsty, many people drink water, not right.

Because every time you sweat, you need to take away some salt. Drinking water and sweating constantly make the salt in the blood lose more and more, the plasma osmotic pressure is reduced, and hypotonic dehydration occurs, causing the cells to edema and people will feel dizzy.Eyes and other “water poisoning” symptoms.

Therefore, when drinking water, it should be a small number of times, each time with 100?
150 ml is appropriate, the interval is 20?
30 minutes.


Wash your hair in the morning, take a shower in the summer, get hot in the morning, wash your hair in the morning, do not need to boil water in the bath, and feel cool after washing, so many people like to wash their hair and take a shower in the morning.

In fact, this is not good for your health.

Chinese medicine believes that the human body is still raising yang in the morning. Once the head is washed, the bath will consume yang, and the next day, you have to work and study. You can only consume the blood of the stock, which is easy to cause the cold body. Over time,The body is unfavorable.


Long-term staying up late in the summer, many people like to eat late at night, eating skewers on the side of the road, which is easy to lead to rest late.

The most vigorous time for human body yang is from 11:00 to 3:00 in the evening.

If you stay up late at this time, it will affect the formation of yang in the body, and it will also affect the health of the liver, so try to avoid staying up late.


Eat overnight vegetables, leftovers leftovers alternately, easy to produce harmful substances such as sulfite, even if heated at high temperatures, these toxins can not be eliminated.

According to experts, it is not uncommon to see problems caused by eating overnight vegetables in the summer. Light stomach problems such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, etc., and food poisoning.

In the hot sun, a lot of outdoor workers are cool, take off their clothes and work hard, and the skin is a bit dark.
But this is also bad for health.

In the summer, the pores on the back of the human heart are opened. If it is exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long time, in addition to being sunburned, it will cause edema, and even severe cases may cause high blood pressure.