Beauty Advanced Care Creates Silky Beauty

Beauty Advanced Care Creates Silky Beauty

You must never think that as long as you do a good job in facial care, your beauty project will change.

In fact, many times, the reason why beauty breaks is because of details.

When it comes to nursing, many women ignore important details.

Think of that sentence: You need to know the real age of a woman and see if she suffers.

Don’t hurry up and come to the neck!

  At the age of 25, she began to noticeably ageless and elegant women. Her skin line was absolutely flawless, but many women only focused on their own facial skin, ignoring equally important skin.

It is said that beauty experts said that one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body with skin is also one of the most prone to aging.

From the age of 25, women’s obesity has begun to show signs of age. Note that skin care should keep your age secret.

  The initial skin needs to be firmer and older, and the collagen in the body begins to gradually lose. With a small volume, the elasticity of the skin gradually decreases, and the skin becomes wrinkled.

At this time, the basic nursing procedure can’t alleviate the aging problem of the shoulder and neck skin. You need to upgrade the ordinary moisturizing cream to an anti-aging cervical cream, and cooperate with the professional neck mask intensive care, and continue to rebuild.

  Implant nursing “membrane” is an indispensable substitute for an “event triangle” in ergonomics. The skin appears thin and fragile, only 2/3 of the thickness of the face, the texture is deep and crossed, and the content of collagen cells is relatively small.It is easy to lack elasticity, and the hemoglobin content is less dull and yellower.

In the end, the number of sebaceous hormones and sweat glands in the skin only accounts for 1/3 of the face. Sebum secretion is reduced, it is easy to dry, and it is difficult to keep moisture, so it is easy to produce wrinkles.

Therefore, it is important to take care of the “film”.

  Acrylic-coated mask, paper-like and paste-like impurities 1, do not clean the mask deeply.

Anion mask, paper and paste impurities.

For dryness, apply a moisturizing mask, remove dumbness and apply a whitening mask, and increase elasticity. Apply an anti-aging or collagen mask. However, it is best not to use a deep cleansing mask, otherwise it will be easier to dry.

  2. Natural essence is the most anti-aging.

Choosing a natural neck mask with marine essence or Chinese herbal medicine ingredients can reduce the formation of nourishing wrinkles, delay aging, and restore skin elasticity.

  3, the swan beautiful neck pressed out.

While improving the facial mask, massage is used to reduce neck lines and improve blood color.

When acute fatigue, apply warm towels for two minutes to increase blood circulation.

Do not use too hot baths, because hot water touches the skin of complications, irritates the skin and causes neck lines.

  Adhere to the firming neck cream. Sooner or later, adhere to the firming cream specially designed for reorganization. Its quality is richer than ordinary moisturizing products. The ingredients can promote the skin’s soft fibrin cells to renew.Neck lines to enhance neck skin effect.

Regular neck mask before bedtime 1 weekly?
2 times, after the cleansing and skinning procedures, apply the mask to the neck mask and apply it in a supine position. The pillows should not be too soft or too high, it is better to be a little harder, and the height is about 8cm. This helpsHelps skin stretch to prevent wrinkles.

  Neck cream method STEP1: first rub the cream on the palm to warm.

Tilt your head up, your hands from bottom to top, and apply a little force to the middle part of your fingers to push the loose meat out.

  STEP2: Then the right side is turned to the left, and both hands apply force with the fingertips, and the left side is rubbed from bottom to top until it is behind the ear.

Then do the same as above.

  STEP3: Finally, step on the thumbs with both hands, push the excess meat from the lower jaw to the chin, and then massage the left and right ears respectively.

  Neck mask DIY A egg yolk olive oil neck mask raw materials: 3 egg yolks, 15 grams of olive oil.

  Method: Stir egg yolk olive oil together until foaming, apply after cleaning and initialize, wash with warm water after 10 minutes, use once or twice a week.

  Beauty effect: Egg yolk has antioxidant effect, skin is smooth and tender; olive oil moisturizes and repairs dry skin.

  B potato potato neck mask raw materials: 1 potato, 15 grams of olive oil.

  Method: steam the potatoes, mash them into mud, add olive oil to the mashed potatoes, stir well, apply it while it is hot, and wash after cooling.

  Beauty effect: This moisturizing effect of the neck mask is transformed into skin that becomes white and tender and smooth.