The difference between snow peas and pea?Snow peas efficacy and contraindications (1)

    Pea pods can be divided into soft and hard pea pod peas, pea pods in which hard is what we usually say peas, also called pea grain, mainly the production of peas, but it can also be eaten as a vegetable Nenjia。Garden pea is snow peas, pea pods, also known as food, mainly in the pods as a vegetable, generally do not have to produce peas。
Commonly known as a hard pea pod pea pods angle, which can be eaten raw when fresh, non-toxic。
The peas should not be eaten raw, cooked to be edible after, otherwise easily lead to food poisoning。  Snow peas food taboos 1, snow peas cooked essential in order to eat, because the snow peas contain protein coagulation hormones, this ingredient can only reach 100 ℃ destruction, eating undercooked food poisoning can occur if snow peas。
  2, should not eat lots of snow peas。
Snow peas are gas food, eat a lot of possible appearances bloating, intestinal gas, etc.。
  3, snow peas contain more high-quality protein, renal insufficiency human intake of too much protein will increase the burden on the kidneys, is not conducive to disease recovery。  4, snow peas contains a number of non-digestible ingredients, spleen and stomach function is weak people eat too much at once cause stomach abdominal fullness。
  Usually the effect of snow peas and different vegetables, contained in the branches of a tree stop acid, gibberellin plant lectins and other substances having antibacterial anti-inflammatory, enhanced metabolic function。
Contains abundant in peas and sugar pea dietary fiber can prevent constipation, have a role in bowel。
  Sweet peas, flat, spleen, stomach, with benefits in the air, only Xie Li, adjusting business health, diuresis, carbuncle swelling, solution efficacy poison milk stone。
For athlete's foot, boils, milk barrier, stomach discomfort, vomiting, hiccups, confidants pain, thirst, diarrhea and dysentery and other illnesses, snow peas have some therapeutic effect。
  Enhance immune function: snow peas are rich in various nutrients needed by the body, especially those containing high quality protein, can improve the body's resistance to disease and healing powers of。
  Anti-cancer cancer: peas is rich in carotenoids, after eating prevented synthesis of human carcinogens, thereby reducing the formation of cancer cells, reducing the incidence of human cancer。  Tom Lee large intestine: snow peas are rich in crude fiber, can promote bowel movements, will be able to maintain a large smooth, clean play a role in the large intestine。   Qi rule: the amount of snow peas, and cook eat light; applied to weak blood; folk prescription treatment with snow peas: 1, will be cooked snow peas, every time you eat 30 grams, twice a day, could help treat diabetes。  2, the Netherlands pea, wash smashed, extracting juice, drink 50 ml each time, twice a day, may assist in the treatment of hypertension, coronary heart disease。  3, 200 grams of fresh snow peas boiled, mash with fried walnuts 200 grams, 200 ml water, boil, every time you eat 50 ml, warm clothes, twice a day, can cure children, the elderly constipation。Dutch pea pods and contains abundant cellulose, has a bowel effect, can prevent constipation。
To prevent folic acid deficiency, peas pregnant women can not be ignored food。

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