Sino-German economic circles: a vast new opportunities for bilateral economic and trade cooperation

The new government has officially put into operation, which is what it means for Sino-German economic and trade cooperation?China entered a new era, emphasizing the development of high quality, in turn what kind of new opportunities for bilateral cooperation?Sino-German economic circles in Germany during the Third China Chamber of Commerce recently held "China Day" activities on the China news agency reporters Biao Dale and Yue Guan expected。
"As the new Minister of Economy and Energy Duarte Meyer stressed in his inaugural address as the cooperation between Germany and China will follow the development trend of the past few decades, maintaining a strong continuity。
"German Economy and Energy Deputy Director for International Economic Policy Vendelin (KarlWendling), said Germany and China have an important partnership between the two countries have a good industrial base, political and trade relations have developed rapidly, which is also reflected in Chinese enterprises to invest in Germany in recent years, more and more active in Societe Generale, "China is Germany's largest trading partner, bilateral economic and trade relations continue to develop have important significance for each other forward."。 The auto industry is the highlight of Sino-German cooperation, the electric car is the latest highlights of the automotive sector cooperation。
Sino-German cooperation for the future direction of the car, technical director of the future Volkswagen AG Stefan Shimobeike () believes that China will become the leader in the field of electric vehicles in the future, so manufacturers competitive with China on cooperation Volkswagen is very important in terms of。 "I'm really looking forward to the new federal government can continue to promote cooperation between Chinese and German companies at the government level。
"Says Stefan Shimobeike。
Along with China's economic transformation and upgrading, set up R & D center has gradually become a new bright spot in the rate of investment in Germany。 International consultancy KPMG (KPMG) latest report shows that the acceptance of its survey of Chinese companies have 30% of the local R & D activities in Germany。
"This reflects the upgrading of China's foreign investment。
"Wei Zhang Hui, general manager of the German car to believe that this trend will continue to move forward in-depth development in the future," such as Wei to also establish a design center in Germany, this form of cooperation in the future will be more and more。 "Respondents economic circles generally noted that several new development strategy of the German government stressed that the economic transformation and upgrading of China is vigorously promoting there coincides with the Department。 Huawei Germany, deputy general manager Torsten Qu Pell (TorstenKuepper) believes that the current German government strongly emphasized that "digital", while China is pursuing the development of more high-quality mode, consumption will usher in the upgrade, which created considerable room for cooperation。
"Huawei, for example, with the German Leica camera lens on Huawei's high-end phones now, this is Germany and China each leader in the field of digital manufacturing and a perfect blend。 Each sold one such Huawei phone, but also contributed to German companies。
"Torsten flexor Pell optimistic about the future of space win-win cooperation between the two countries。
Zhang Hui pointed out that the Chinese government has already begun to promote the development of electric vehicles, which is becoming the focus of cooperation with the traditional automotive powerhouse Germany, "the new German government is also aware of the problem, certainly will speed up the guide and promote policies in this regard。
I am optimistic about the future support for new energy vehicles two governments。 "In the initiative around 'along the way' of cooperation, German businesses also performed increasingly active。
"Recently, we note that German businesses have already expressed all the way along the high enthusiasm and willingness to cooperate。 "Chinese Economic and Commercial Counselor at the German Embassy Minister Counselor Wang Weidong pointed out that Germany Trade & Invest representatives of the German business community and German Industry and Commerce recently announced the first collaboration 'along the way' research report, still within the range of organizations all over Germany series of activities to help German companies fully understand "along the way" initiative。
"We welcome this, but also look forward to the new German government with China towards the same direction, and jointly promote trade and investment cooperation between the two countries to a higher level。 "Wang Weidong said,。
(Peng Dawei Guo Tai) Editor: Luan Shi Yu。

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