China Insurance Regulatory Commission nine banks party committees set up

  Recently, (,) Insurance Regulatory Committee held cadres of the General Assembly。
Central Organization Department official announced the decision on central China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Bank of party committee members of the team worked, and to implement the Central Committee proposed requirements。
Party secretary of the Party committee Wang Zhaoxing, Joe Chan, Wong Hung, Cao Yu, Zhou Liang, Liang Tao, Zhu Shumin, Li is pleased to attend the meeting。
  Guo Shuqing on behalf of the newly formed party committees made a position statement, expressed firm support for the central government decided to fully understand the formation of the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, to promote the construction of modern financial regulatory framework, improve banking and insurance regulatory capacity, lay preventing and defusing financial risks battle, and has great significance。
  Guo stressed that all party members and cadres of the system should move quickly to set up new institutions to promote the orderly working, organized, step by step to promote the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission set up to work, pay close attention to research institutions and arrangements established "three" program views do a good job related functions transferred handover。   Guo also stressed the need to work tirelessly to supervision, to ensure the formation of institutions and regulatory work, "correct, the two promotion."。 Various departments at all levels should perform their own initiative as co-ordination, strengthen communication, continue to actively promote the work of landing the implementation of。 During institutional reform, to ensure that the adjustment duties and daily work seamlessly, in particular, to ensure that the financial regulatory services, and other aspects of the disposal of significant risks normal development。 Supply-side structural reforms to serve as the main line, pay close attention to the service of the real economy, prevention and control of financial risks, deepen and other key work, firmly hold the bottom line systemic financial risk does not occur。   After the meeting, the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission Party Committee held a party committee meeting immediately, the establishment of institutions set up a leading group of reform-related work during the deployment of research institutions。

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