How to make children grow up in error

How to make children grow up in error!Each child will make mistakes, but the child is not necessarily a bad mistake, correct education should let the child in the wrong kind of growth, you know how children grow up in the wrong in it。 How to make children grow up in an error returning from abroad friend told me so a little story: One day, she went to an American teacher's house guest, accidentally saw the teacher let children under 3 years of age holding a key in trying awkwardly inserted into the keyhole, to open the bedroom door, can also be inserted how bad open。 So take the initiative to past friends want to help him, but was prevented teachers。 The teacher said, let him first made some "mistakes" it, pondering for a while can always open the door, so he would never forget how the door is open!Sure enough, the child after the toss for a long time, finally got his wish。
My daughter had a seizure because of curiosity, want to "identify" about what will not be broken bowl, actually in front of me took a fell to the ground。
The face of the floor of the debris, she knew made a "mistake", I thought to suffer rebuke and punishment。 But I just want to sweep the debris of her own, her fragile porcelain remember common sense。 Then her daughter extend to think the same fragile glass, mirrors, bottles, glasses, etc. from the fragile porcelain, consciously learn to protect and use of such items, he never broke any thing。
I think that is a daughter deliberately broke the bowl was well worth it。 How to make children grow up children in almost all of the errors in the error can be divided into two types: one is the elder must be corrected immediately, such as littering, do not speak tidy, bullying the weak, so that once laissez-faire, it will be difficult to clean up after。
And the other, that children can self-correct, mainly how to adapt to the kind of life, but should be allowed to make mistakes, as in the previous example。 The child is a developing human, independent activities contribute to his growth。
Parents need to do, how the child "mistakes" during adverse, negative factors into favorable, positive, rational factors, give the child to "try – perfect – error" opportunities。

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