Beijing 3.17 a regulation Anniversary: second-hand house prices fell for a comprehensive shrinking turnover in September | regulation

    ■ reporter Wang Li, a new "3.17 New Deal" implementation has been close to a year, Beijing property market turnover shrinking overall。   "In the past year, Beijing property market regulation policy-intensive publishing, intensity hit the country and the history of Beijing, within a year released more than 30 control measures。
"Chief analyst at Centaline Dawei told reporters, as the policy entered a stable period, the property market has entered the low ebbs period is expected to follow the market will continue to run in the low。   Policy under high pressure, the effect is significant regulation。 In terms of secondary residential, house prices have been falling for nine months, turnover reduced by more than half; in the new home market, new commercial-residential total regulation after signing 23388 units a year, year on year reduction rate reached%, setting a record low。   From the Format property specific transaction point of view, after the "3.17 New Deal", the villa property transactions signed 4137 sets, down a%; mansion (unit price of 100,000 yuan +) there is a clear market volume down, 10 million yuan more residential turnover% cut; the biggest is the commercial and residential property class。
Regulation of the past year, the actual signing of commercial and residential property class only 5895 sets, but basically concentrated in the 2017 "March 17 New Deal" and "326 Deal", after the New Deal regulation published in the commercial office market contracted only about 3,000 units, year on year drop of 91%。
  I love my family group vice president Hu Jinghui said that from the data point of view, Beijing new home market can be said to have come to a historic low valley, supply reduction, policy strictly controls the off-season and other factors contributed to the continued emergence of this trough。 In fact, the new house trading volume falling real estate market is gradually mature performance, especially the pure commercial housing, after the stock market into the era, to reduce the supply of land so that it significantly reduced the supply, trading volume naturally not too much。   However, at higher resale values, the new home market still is an important means to address the needs of low-income people home。 Therefore, since mid-2017, Beijing renewed and intensified efforts to improve the land supply of new homes, especially common property room space。
While the current Beijing new home market value coldest moment, but in mid-2017 of a large number of new residential land supply this year, gradually transformed into projects into the market, the market will also be warmed。
  Dawei is expected to begin from the second half of March 2018, Beijing will have a lot of common property price of commercial housing and housing market, the overall market is likely to continue to cool in 2018。 For just need it, after a large number of low-cost housing market, will increase choice。

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