Treatment of cervical erosion remedies to help you alleviate the symptoms

What are the treatment of cervical erosion is a relatively common form of gynecological diseases among women is a disease unique to friends。 It tends to occur even with a lot of other other symptoms, and therefore very difficult。
Then the method of treatment of cervical erosion are what it brings following small for everyone cure cervical erosion, help you relieve symptoms!Treatment of cervical erosion cervical erosion recipe a recipe: gall gall research fine powder, the amount of water, placed in the vessel hot stew a paste, coating the skin。 Two cervical erosion recipe: Lithospermum Lithospermum oil into oil immersed 7 days。 Sesame oil or boiled, oxalyl soak into the boiling oil, rosy color to。
1 day, applied to the cervix, the external line with cotton plugs in the vagina, taken on day 2。 Cervical erosion recipe three: Clear the egg wash with disinfectant, break, take pure egg white。 After the potassium permanganate solution vaginal washing, wire ties cotton gauze dipped in egg filled after cleaning the cervix (the cotton thread and the left bar outside the vaginal opening to facilitate extraction cotton)。 Taken after over 5 hours, for 1 day?2 times。
Stop treating menstrual cramps。 Cervical erosion four prescriptions: pig gall granatum treatment of cervical erosion were remedies to powder in an appropriate amount into a paste, bottling。
First washed with warm water prior to the affected area, dry paint cervical secretions, then tie a swab dipped in medicine line stuffed cervical erosions。
1 day, once every several times。
The above is an introduction to the treatment of cervical erosion remedies, experts advise patients that the treatment of cervical erosion remedies only a temporary solution, the best way is to go to the hospital for a thorough surgery。
Treatment of cervical erosion describes an effective approach for small surface erosion, relatively shallow inflammatory infiltration drug treatment can be the following:。

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