Kobe Bryant jersey retired against the rules?Lakers owner, explaining the profound meaning

Beijing March 14, according to "LakersNation" reported the Los Angeles Lakers usually in the Hall of Fame players after the team, then retired his jersey, but – Kobe Bryant apparently is an exception。 In this regard, Jenny – Bass said they are interested in doing so, in order to make this year's All-Star Game players are bearing in mind the legendary Bryant。
Bryant's No. 8 and No. 24 jersey hanging in the sky while the Staples Center, from which he retired for less than 2 years, the number of bit surprised。 Under normal circumstances, the Lakers will wait until after the team Hall of Fame player, then as he retired jersey。 In this regard, Lakers owner Jenny – Bass In an interview with "TheFull48Podcast" Howard – when Baker interview revealed that the Lakers are interested in Los Angeles in time for this year before the All-Star break, jersey retirement ceremony was held in Kobe。 "A lot of people want to know why we have decided to retire Bryant's jersey this season," Jenny said, "I want to make sure that, when the All-Star Game held here this year, his jersey hanging in the sky stadium can order let everyone bear in mind Bryant's legendary career。
"At the same time, intends to attract big-name players this summer, the Lakers also like to take this, let NBA all walks of life to see how they courtesy of the team players, and to convey a signal:" Come Lakers it, we not only make you a star, will make you a legend。 "(Demons)。

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