Yin Shiming, vice president of Baidu talk about the wisdom of Agriculture: Data is a "fertilizer"

21, Sinochem released Panda Guide Spring 2018 standings in Beijing。
The picture shows the activity site。 Baidu vice president Qiu Yushe Beijing March 21 (Reporter Qiu Yu), an event Baidu Cloud General Manager Yin Shiming, held in Beijing from 21 spoke about artificial intelligence and wisdom agriculture, he believes that "the data itself is a kind of fertilizer "that can help farmers to farm more accurate, increase production。   21, Sinochem Group released the list of excellent agricultural products in Beijing。
Yin Shiming participate in the activities and talk about agriculture combine artificial intelligence and wisdom, he said, was artificial intelligence can be networked via land, crops, know the status of crop growth, after uploading the data to get the results back, and then rely on algorithms, deep learning to find the law integration law, the law of guidance。
  Yin Shiming believes that some indicators of agriculture, soil, weather, land can be quantified into a new big data, guidance related to farming, which is very clear way in the future, artificial intelligence will play in the wisdom of agriculture which increasingly heavy character of。
  "The value of the data itself is very large, data transformation services will help many traditional businesses。
"He said," I firmly believe that the data itself is a fertilizer, can help farmers to farm more accurate, increase production。
"In the event, the Group posted Panda Guide Spring 2018 list, Panda Guide is the list of agricultural products were evaluated for Precision block, also announced high-quality varieties of agricultural information, information and growers planting farm information。   List involving vegetables, fruits, food category three categories, a total of 56 kinds of agricultural products on the list。
A star on the list a total of 51 kinds of products, there are five two-star list of products, due to stringent evaluation criteria, the list of Samsung products vacancies。
  According to reports, the panda guide investigators through the growing season complete prenatal, delivery and postnatal investigation, combined with domestic and foreign laboratories to detect parallel and satellite Saotu, created a unique model and evaluation standard system of agricultural products, according to five criteria (excellent environment, excellent variety, planting excellent, good quality and value for money), providing Samsung ratings。 (Finish)。

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