2018 NPC and CPPCC government work report

Promote pollution prevention to achieve greater successes。 Blue Sky Battle consolidate the results of this year, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions to 3% decline in key areas of fine particulate matter () concentration continues to fall。 Deepen fiscal and tax reform。
Promote the reform of central and local finance division of powers and expenditure responsibilities, revenue assignments promptly formulate reform program to improve the transfer payment system。 Improve the local tax system, and steadily push forward property tax legislation。 Increase support for old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas and poor areas of reform and development。 Beijing to ease non-capital function to focus on promoting the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, a high starting point, high standard construction male An District。 More than 820 million college graduates this year, a new record multiple channels to promote employment and support entrepreneurship to create jobs。
Veterans do a solid job placement。
Increase assistance for people with disabilities and other employment difficulties。 Efforts to increase the precision of poverty, then reduce rural poverty population of 10 million or more this year, completed the relocation of 2.8 million people ex situ poverty alleviation。

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