Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere summer ice: Why focus on extreme weather debut

BEIJING, January 10 (by Bian Lei) "I'm shivering in the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere you dripping in sweat," the recent Earth two rainbow night mode, so that people suffering from extreme weather raging Jiaokubudie。
Sahara float the snow, "bomb cyclone" movement in the US East Coast; at the same time, much of the southern hemisphere, Australia is now the extreme heat, the temperature hit Sydney 79-year high……This winter is not calm。
Shivering!Northern Hemisphere winter is to have data for: New York Brooklyn Bridge, a pedestrian walking in the snow in the sky, his face covered with ice ballast。
Winter is to have the most "courageous" behavior not go outdoors to face the cold wind, but – get up。 Japan called a "do not want a blanket," the Divine Comedy popular network recently: "People can get out of bed are super great, because the outside really super cold, really super-warm bed!!!"It is everyone's voices sing。
The winter cold, the entire northern hemisphere know everything。 Mars weather than cold seawater intrusion in recent days, the United States was "bomb cyclone" and "frozen"。 January 4 formed in the waters near New England "bomb cyclone", to bring in some areas by about 46 centimeters of snow, and the weather colder than the surface of Mars – New Hampshire reached below zero degrees Celsius, the skin is exposed to the air for 10 minutes frostbite can be。
Data for: the Boston suburb of citizens standing on the seawall while watching the waves rushing ashore。
Massachusetts by storm surge, coastal flooding along the coast and more, floating ice flood damaged many houses and vehicles, within a car park 60 cars were destroyed in Boston。 Water turtles drift penguins do not "go out" Canada released a very low temperature alarm。
Ebner Jorda province Calgary Zoo king penguin feeding, because no match for the extremely low temperatures, is moved to the indoor "off-limits"。 American famous refuge from the cold by cold air invasion of the Holy Land, Florida, local iguana due to cold and sluggish, have dropped from the trees; turtles also be frozen, floating in the sea or on the shore。
Data for: the Sahara Desert in northern Algeria 艾因塞弗拉 January 7 appear snowfall, the snow begins to melt in the evening。 Even the "world's hottest" of the Sahara, also float the snow。
The train derailed blow frozen waterfall "set" in Europe, the storm "Eleanor" swept Britain, France and other countries, south of the resort town of Bern Lenk a train derailed due to turmoil。
Data for: snowstorm brought inconvenience to people's lives, but what nature has given some amazing views。 Edge part in New York State and Ontario, Canada, at the junction of Niagara Falls icing。
Minnesota, 41-year-old photographer ChadRieder in time for the sunrise, photographed Minnehaha Falls in the early sun irradiation frozen beauty; Canada and the United States at the junction of tourists braved the cold to enjoy Niagara Falls is "frozen"。 Avoid them cold, not escape the scorching heat of summer in the southern hemisphere do not think that comes more comfortable this year, Australia has "a hard time"。 Recently, Australia ushered in more extreme heat, temperatures soared to more than 40 degrees Celsius, continue to record。 Data for: local time on January 7, the crowd on the beach in Sydney。
By continuous high temperature impact, Victoria Hume highway pavement melting phenomenon occurs in the hot sun exposure, asphalt pavement becomes soft and sticky。
Sydney, January 7th to create a world record highest temperature of the day, and broke up 79 years of local temperature。 Sydney can not stand such a fat Kangaroo "sauna day", a "bar" into the family's swimming pool Edith。
Half of the summer half cold, "global warming" in the end is not really?Arctic weather just to fight global warming?the answer is negative。
In fact, it is the global warming may be one cause of extreme weather。
Data for: by the storm "Eleanor" influence, the United Kingdom and more snow to cool, the temperature reached minus 10 ℃。 In Scotland, or even a frozen landscape plants。 Source: visual, according to China after the US government released "Climate Science Special Report" shows that human activities, especially greenhouse gas emissions, "very likely" is the main cause of global warming since the mid-20th century observed。
Although the climate is attributed to a complex issue, but according to scientists say climate change "does increase the risk of certain extreme weather occurred"。
Editor: Fei Fan。

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