Big Three Miami home 50 points to clinch guns misfiring Bucks with a 0-2 home

  Ticker on April 24, the Heat to 98-86 win over the Bucks at home, the first round of the playoffs 2-0。
  LeBron – James scored 19 points, eight rebounds and six assists, Dwyane – Dwyane Wade contributed 21 points and seven rebounds, Chris – Chris Bosh had 10 points and six rebounds, Mario – Chalmers 9 points off the bench Sean – Shane Battier and Chris – Anderson each had 10 points, Ray – Allen 7 points。
  Oelsen – 伊尔亚索瓦 the Bucks scored 21 points and six rebounds, Larry – Sanders 14 points and six rebounds。 After the field guns in the doldrums, Brandon – Jennings 3 of 15 shots, scored eight points and five assists, Monta – Ellis hit 7 2, 7 points。
Off the bench – Mike Dunleavy 16 points。   Not surprisingly, then, into the next round, the league announced that James would be the MVP, this will be his fourth time in five seasons award。 But after this season, he is very likely to occur several times in this position, because James is still progress。
  James has not shot by dense to score the first battle he only shot 11 times, scored 27 points, 2 assists poor to complete three pairs。
Heat without firing a shot to 110-87 victory over Bucks。   Bucks general Jennings bluster before the game, we should take the Heat 4-2 in the field, he has to go all out, with a total of Ellis scored 48 points, but unfortunately his teammates not to force。 Today's situation is just the opposite, the Bucks backcourt Spear trouble, by the play of his teammates, the Bucks in the first half but also compete with the Heat。   Wade was shooting the first section of Ellis blocks, but he grabbed offensive rebounds, tipped to succeed。 After playing the game 1 minute 30 seconds, Wade steals the ball immediately with James initiated the break, suddenly fast ball to the basket after James, his hands waving a defender Akira opened easily after changing hands layup, the Heat to 4- 2 lead。 伊尔亚索瓦 also to third, Sanders after dunk, Bucks scored seven points, beyond 9-4。
James hit two consecutive strong, one scored 4 points, the Heat recover lost points, the two teams into a bitter struggle。 After the first section, the Heat to 25-23 a slight advantage。
  Wade bench to start the second rate。
After the Bucks to 27-25 beyond, Wade fast break, people continuously through the seam, four Bucks failed to defend him, only looked at Wade layup。
Wade has since hit two goals, the Heat completed a 8-0 small climax to 33-27 lead。
James was force in this section last 4 minutes, during which time he scored six points, two assists, the Heat to 47-43 halftime。   James first two 6 vote 5, scored 15 points, Dwyane Wade added 12 points, Chalmers 9 points, Bosh had 2 points。 Bucks guns outside not in the state, a total of two 5 vote total loss, add up to only 1 point, 伊尔亚索瓦 become Jones, he scored 14 points, Larry – Sanders 8 points。   The tug of war extends to the third teams, Bucks equalizer several times, when more than half of this section, hit one Ellis, bucks behind only by 56-57。 James continuous shot, in this section there are 5 minutes and 17 seconds, Chalmers also missed the vote, Wade correct judgment to this placement of the ball, start earlier run-up, flying up pressing Ellis buckle succeeded, the Bucks two defenders become background。 Wade has since hit two free throws, the Heat hold our ground。
This section there are 2 minutes 8 minutes Heat lead, but after a scoreless, Bucks scored five points, the first three quarters to 65-68 behind。   "Birdman" Anderson is one of the biggest harvest of the season the Heat, he started the fourth quarter and even scored three points with a fine cast, the Heat shot a wave of attacks 12-0, 80-65 in one fell swoop in order to widen the gap。 After the Bucks called timeout can not stop the Heat's offensive, but under strict precautions against the Heat, they can not find the score into a good policy。 In this section there are 5 minutes 18 seconds, Ray – Ray Allen hit the third, the Heat to 88-71 lead with 17 points。
After this section going on for nearly eight minutes later, the Bucks had eight points, they had to start outside Bo, 伊尔亚索瓦 and Dunleavy each hit a three-pointers in the game 3 minutes 04 seconds chasing the score 79-94。 – Ray Allen during this period also to third, while Cole thereafter in the field goal, the Heat to 96-79 to maintain our edge。
  Bucks had to give up, removed the main, the Heat's Dwyane Wade, James let the rest, both sides are full-bench lineup。
Bucks last minute to narrow the gap slightly。

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