A dream Chihiro

Candle with a pen dipped in plain tears, in white silk paper, look at your past copy。Candlelight, I am full of Acacia captures, through the corridors past life, in the old stories, to and fro, searching footprint embedded。    Ask a thousand years, "Mountain and Flowing Water" flying "Butterfly Lovers," a beautiful longing, nightly candlelight care of both hands。“A mallet Drum, rainy youthful, the old past lives, monopoly bridge…”That Geshi away empty roots, still journeying waiting, hard to find, the dream of children who, you remember our "broken bridge dating"?    In the rosy glow, you came, walked calm and quiet walking, carrying a ray of Clivia elegant Jolly, holding a flute, the span of the wading to quietly Shou smile, pulled the I deserted heart。Gently, somewhere in the mind, there will be plenty of ripples rippling slightly……    The warm wind, the green mountains, green trees, bonuses, and I, too drunk, drunk in a dream you familiar wavefront in a past life, you drunk in every song softly softly flute, the drunk in your every line, every word in the deep and shallow Que……    Once obsessed with an ancient legend, I stubbornly believe that the ups and downs of fate, is a flower and a butterfly cycle。So I just want to run to the tenderness of a lifetime to cherish you, will fly past life wrong heart butterfly, is that the removal of the hairpin next life temples Orchids。    “Yo tenderness to the wind, falling lightly dance Red”。The wind light shake, there are patches of fireworks fly。Instantly dazzled, as if soothing sections played, and I can not tell already dancing eyes, is transparent Diechi, or as Sin neon color wing, more or if the wire is curl in Zhulei floating candle-liter soul whisper words of love Millennium……At this moment, I want to execute your hand ah, dance breeze surplus sleeves, get flowers over clothing。    After concentration, the wind, the apparent distance no overlooking。Zi stroking the shoulders intoxicated, full of rosy traces。Gently reached out for you a collection of timeless beauty。Then he smiled and said to himself: Candlelight is beautiful, Zhulei also drunk, why persist in one outcome?    Red tears still solution Acacia Italy。Well, let me pick up a few pieces of candles tea, skim prime hand is light, warm water around refers to tenderness, as you brew a pot of tea mellowness colorful and beautiful, so that all subsequent years, is always filled with thoughts incense…….(Thanks to reading materials)

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