A kiss days of shortage, no complaints from the War

That I, I was lotus, as you spend off, skim lotus in hand, kiss the days of famine。That season was too misty rain blurred, hazy moonlight vast, you traveled south to play, not owned by people just passing。    This life, I am a woman, you as a son, Allure met, no complaints from the War。Poetry as a warning to the word for the AU to month for the media to star as evidence, this life you are willing to consider devoting, compose a Mo lost not forget。    I'm five hundred years ago you lost lotus blossom waiting for you five hundred years, only to meet again, I love knot。Life saw you in the deepest Red, even if you are in the horizon, I was in Cape, my King and Allure this side, the other side of the king of Iraq haggard, Howards End, no regrets nor complain。    This life, I think your days。In each month, Long Delicate night, moonlight shed a lingering dream Banjun。Since then my life more of a throbbing, keep a warm, and as the encounter scene, such as a beautiful picture of rhyme, indulge me Red millennium。    This life, I am your roots。Meet, friend, Xiangxi affection gradually sublimated into a tie tie poetry, to each other deeply heart collection。Beautiful eyes always think has shown signs of stunning, towering mountains, gurgling water, the forest of streams, a companion to bomb a thousand years and no one, it's you come too late, sad my fingertips。As you come around, go to a Red dream, only one, Piansi years。Met a beautiful, drop ink in my heart, my life became the deepest Chilian。    Red fleeting, shallow rub shoulders fate do not ask the time, I am convinced that fate greatly between you and me, but meet once they know each other, any thoughts of a fall step by step。When the flowers penned lyric, Kiss falling Whispering, measuring the distance with you my thoughts, only Page scriptures, sections affectionate, day and night with me Sijun。    Dim moonlight, I miss the season planted in the autumn night, pro-wind kiss the rain, in my warm affection disperse you endless loneliness and sadness, tonight your heart and wandering, Where?There may be a ray of Acacia my heart have a dream tempting?I miss wound into a tree, leaving the trace of the red line, waiting for you to pull, I ask what year?    Because more than the crowd looked at you, from your face memorable。You know lotus bitter?Acacia alone drink poison, buried Fallen flowers of Chunni。If you know lotus bitter, then dumping the World in exchange for a kiss Can I spend?Cheng pulls turned not ask, do not tell parting past life, before now Banjun, four eyes intercourse, silent love, silent joy。    If the thoughts are the United States, I would like to hold you in my arms every morning breeze Muyu, the melody to listen to the heartbeat of each other; if the distance is the United States, I would like to quietly think of you every ray of sunlight in the moonlight, perceived as mutually affair ; if the pre-existence destined, I wish you every year for the flowers and open flowers, fragrant ages rolled out the red trail, subtle fragrance lingering Hornsey sea, waiting for you to pick; if this life destined, I would like to make a wish for your devotion, you Ann's warm I look forward to my life, your smile is the same in my heart long for。    I only wish you the collection, in the warmth of your feelings inside, just want to snuggle in your gentle eyes, deep in your care, the planted sweet and sad love, accompanied by old。

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