A love, Wife is the sea

Mo flowers actually brilliant rain from dim room dense with poetic, a sum that falls on the Zhijian was a sad words \\\\\\ rain wet sky next person walk into the night to borrow five month rose distraction between the warm open mind wandering thoughts \\\\\\ stepping on broken pieces of the pace of light emitted sniffing the rose fragrance of flowers really want to make a person enters a realm of things I forgot \ \\\\\ if so, the realm of things I forgot that there will be full of joy full of eye sight can pick a flower on Love Lane wrote the most beautiful time \\\\\\ time rush, sighing in flower Know open flowers of years a surplus sleeve floral, embrace a ray of sunshine from'll spend much less melancholy \\\\\\ bypass the tall leaves tumble ended with a sad city to do a plain Jane in calm water days woman for you, I silently Shizumori \\\\\\ a love of flowers, deep inside regardless of the wind to rain to go, or will last forever, I will never betray you deafness vertigo, be with you to the old \\\\\\ text of fireworks in the eyes of circulation at Mo warm years in the floral cooler full of thin diameter, looking forward to your figure

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