Capture a woman's heart is her sexual skills they learn to do without you

Capture a woman's heart fellatio skills which we all know has a harmonious sex life has always been a very important part of our lives, it is appropriate to add some skills when sex will make sex more harmonious life。
Following small for everyone to talk about sex techniques to capture the heart of a woman, let her learn they can not do without you!Capture a woman's heart of love 5 personalized attention skills to listen to her feelings。
Most women more emotional, they are willing to share your heart with love。
If you listen carefully, and properly understand that, they will feel more intimate with you, think you really understand her。
Embrace more than 30 seconds。 A study at Harvard University found that when you hold a woman for more than 30 seconds, her body's oxytocin increases, expectations and evaluation for sex will increase。 Ask all over her body。 The affectionate touch can make her body release more hormones, quickly ignited her sexuality, but also let her feel your love and tenderness。
Slowly undress。
Process control strip is control of neurotransmitter secretion。 The study found that about strip each other's clothes, let the two sides quickly and strongly the secretion of dopamine or oxytocin, but will soon disappear, sexual desire for a short。
But if slowly took off his clothes, will increase the good feelings, sexual feelings are more durable。
Capture a woman's heart fellatio skills to dim the lights。 Dutch neuroscientist found that women want to arouse sexual desire, you should let her brain regions associated with stress and anxiety to stop。 In a dark environment, women will be more relaxed。 Therefore, the lights dimmed, creating a dreamlike situation。
Then again evaded the truth hugged her, whispering in her ear。
7 simple steps to make a woman climax of sexual techniques before and after exercise。

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