"Children traveling thousands of miles" tells the story of the people: watercress score up to 9.1 point

Not long ago, Hunan Satellite TV launched a new cultural program file – "children traveling thousands of miles."。
Although there is no star to participate, not sensational is not speculation, but was in the watercress friends played high score, He Jiong I also program several times to tears……This file "low-key" program won high evaluation users' children traveling thousands of miles "is a file hosted by Kyung Ho family tradition type of program。
"Children traveling thousands of miles," taken from the saying "mother worried about children traveling thousands of miles," the name is very simple and straightforward, tells the story of ordinary people is。 Each phase of the program by sharing the story of two prime wind people, they are plenty Dr. schools, some war correspondents, some junior staff, etc., different occupations, different family traditions, not the same story, but passed to us is positive energy, warm, admirable qualities。
Their story extraordinary and precious。
No stars to participate, there is no speculation and gossip, only the most sincere feelings, the most vivid life。
Although the "low key", but watercress score is surprisingly high, even more than "see words such as face," in the first quarter of sub。 Watercress friends to look at how to say: Their story touched millions of viewers……Ho Kyung said: "Sometimes I think life is actually the best writers, these stories are great places to come are ordinary people, but they can be a very powerful force plane encountered some non-ordinary life experience Correct。 Let those of us ordinary people of the same audience, find some strength, it will be infected。
"01 heroic war correspondent Chen sequence, Xinhua News Agency war correspondent in Israel signed the famous 'life and death', he said, his friend home on leave, he said, 02 a son and his parents now eighteen, and Li Bin, who served in the army medic, so day for ten years, the program group to interview the parents of the martyrs, and Li Bin said: Xie Renci 03 one-legged girl laughing girl is not bad luck, one-legged girl Xie kindness, a graduate student of law, she said, she remembers as a child and playing partner, she suddenly realized, do not care about other people's eyes, Wan children of Tibet "Wuhan home" Yang Abba and Germany on 04 Abba Yang Jia mother was known as the "roof of the world" Tibet Ali work at home, you probably pot of butter tea, pour a cup of barley wine, Cook a good meal; bustling, so you have a "home" feel。 Home, as long as the family, how could loose?Before "children traveling thousands of miles" program launch, host He Jiong has expressed his concern, compared to the hustle and bustle of other variety shows, this show is really somewhat low-key。 He even has therefore made a micro-blog, "no one will be too late to do?Stars do not concern it will not?I would not like to contradict this sensational subject matter it?"He Jiong said," This program does not depend tears to impress the audience, every record, I will advance to understand their stories, read through all the clips, for the tears to stay in the outside shot。
Because you cried excitedly does not make sense in the lens, can not put the power to pass out is the most important。
"Watching this show, that someone says: do not be ashamed to call my parents every day, after watching the show, quietly put micro letter Top family group; the next day watching the program, I drove more than 600 kilometers back home, her mother to his house, at the moment, and my family is from 0 ……As the "children traveling thousands of miles" of the same name, is accompanied by the longest love confession, home to the world's most emotional words; life is more than poetry and distance, as well as "children traveling thousands of miles" mother worried about。
(Xinhua Daily Telegraph micro-channel public number) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

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