Anglo community invited representatives of the three parties expressed discussion platform to understand the demands of Chinese

Anglo community invited representatives of the three parties expressed discussion platform to understand the demands of the Chinese || According to the European "Sing Tao Daily" reported that the British general election around the corner, because the outcome will affect the UK over the next four years to the importance of self-evident, therefore, Birmingham Chinese community Center held the evening of 24 election seminar for the three main parties to attend on behalf of the United Kingdom to introduce each party's policy agenda to the Chinese, and the Chinese also take this opportunity to express their demands, in the hope that the Chinese policy to consider need。   Forum in preparation for five months ago, attended more than 50 Chinese and half graduate students and scholars。 At the meeting, they are concerned about what policies the party and the Chinese, so that the Chinese pay more attention to the election。 They also query the mainstream political parties of the specific measures to promote minority participation in politics, including the Chinese。
Community Center Director Yan Shan said, unfortunately, the three party did not directly answer, to some extent, it reflects the aspirations of the Chinese community had not been heeded。
But from another perspective, which in turn display Chinese Community Center Chinese real need to further promote integration, so that they actively participate in and discuss political affairs, a greater voice, so pay attention to mainstream political parties。   She said well-known, local community groups in recent years faced a serious cut support, the Chinese community organizations also suffer, reduce funding has become increasingly。
This forum into a real good platform to make a reflection of the other, on the increasingly close bilateral economic and trade cooperation, the local politicians have He Zhongying development plan, how to work together to promote the Chinese community, but also to communicate on this platform。
Yan Shan believe that the Chinese living in scattered, the sound is not mainstream parties seriously, but the forum has cohesion and unity of the Chinese group, may concentrate continue to fight。   Vice-Chairman of British Chinese politics Plan to attend the meeting, in May parliamentary elections in Birmingham SuttonColdfieldNewHallward election district steady Jian Ye said at the meeting, as a Chinese citizen in the UK, is not respected a political party, but by representatives of organizations of the United Kingdom how important is the representative of Chinese politics plan, he hopes to encourage everyone to think about the impact of politics on all aspects of Chinese life, and participating in the discussion among the。   He called on the Chinese to express their views and actively participate in political discussions, make a formal choice in the general election。
He also encouraged people to become involved in the school supervisor, a trust fund members, or members of the local residents' organizations, political parties, members of regional, local magistrate or volunteers, so that all aspects of the Chinese community has a voice。

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